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Please note that Afghan Patus and Pakols may ship separately from orders with a delay of up to 2 weeks. We do this to ensure the best price for you. 

The Swiss army sure figured out toy knives, but their blanket game is weaker than a .40 S&W. Afghans have them beat with this multipurpose patu. These are used by locals and soldiers as blankets, jackets, and natural camouflage in the cold mountains of Afghanistan.


U.S. and U.K. special forces, including Delta and SBS, used Afghan pakol hats, patu blankets, and Chinese and Russian surplus gear to disguise themselves as locals before the assault on Tora-Bora. Once the battle was underway, the muted colors and flowing lines of the local Afghan garb blended in with their surroundings and broke up their outlines. Though U.S., U.K., and Afghan forces defeated the Taliban and al-Qaeda soldiers, Bin-Laden managed to escape to Pakistan, where the U.S. had to wait ten whole years to kill him. Now you too can assault mountain cave complexes in style.


100% wool means great heat retention, even when wet. These patus are just the right thickness to breathe without letting in cold air. Perfect for combat, concealment, and the couch. Pair with an AK-friendly vest and a Pakol hatto fully rock your JSOC.Available in light or dark brown.


One size fits all. It is a blanket, after all. Large enough to cover yourself and your chest-rig, armor, and single-point slung weapons.




  • 100% wool.

  • Made in Afghanistan.

  • Battle-proven and JSOC-approved.

  • Increases camouflage index when deploying in Afghanistan.

  • Can conceal chest rigs and long guns.

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    Posted by Wesley Bates on Oct 2nd 2017

    Great blanket Light and warm

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    Light Brown Patu Shawl

    Posted by Spetsnazty on Sep 27th 2017

    Initial impressions, this thing is actually pretty great. Took some experimentation to find a comfortable and encumbering way to wear it, but I was surprised to find how toasty it is. Smells like a brand new potato sack and feels like it'll hold up to good field use as a groundsheet or blanket depending on what you're into. I almost regret not buying a pakol now. Wear with vintage biker goggles and an eyepatch for that Whoa-hoooa Diamond Dogs feel.

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    My New Blankie

    Posted by S. McCanon on Sep 26th 2017

    It's a lot bigger than I expected, but very narrow. Smells like factory, but maybe it's just the wool. Not soft, but warm as shit. Makes for a badass cape that can hide any tactical gear on you, or conceal you in the right environment, as maybe a rock or something. It's pretty cool. It's incredibly warm for being so light, I wouldn't use it in sub-zero temps, but on a cold Afghan night, hell yeah.

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    Someone call for an operator?

    Posted by D-Dog on Sep 21st 2017

    Showed up smelling like gasoline. The shawl is significantly larger than the photo would suggest; when folded out it's about the size of a twin size bed. Quality wool. Make sure you hand wash it or run it on a cold/cold cycle otherwise you might damage the goods. Goes well with the pakol hat, too; not as retarded looking as the model would make you think.

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    As Expected

    Posted by Adam Gibson on Sep 21st 2017

    Ordered on the 2nd of Sept. Wasn't until the 19th that it actually shipped from KS; arrived at my door on the 21st.