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The last batch was a complete tragedy. The sizing chart that our dealer had been using for 21 years was inaccurate, and I was left with about 150 orders I had to individually fix with customers.

This batch is different. We’ve done all the legwork ourselves this time. Three months of boot experience and research have gone into providing you with the most comprehensive presentation possible.

We are now selling three conditions of boots, and have assembled photo cards for each. We also insist you follow the links to our blog under “Boot Care and Refurbishment”. There you should find photo guides to cleaning and repairing any boot. The level of restoration possible with a small collection of supplies is astounding.

The goal is not only to supply you guys with great boots, but to empower you with the knowledge to get the most out of your boots. Take good care of them, and they should last you for many years. Even past a decade, as some of them already have.


  • 2mm thick leather, full grain cow hide
  • All black, easy to shine and polish, hides dirt and stains
  • 10" tall, coving and supporting the entire ankle
  • Ten eyelets, and eight grommets on each boot
  • Metzeler sole insert included. (Ivan advises you replace this, it's pretty old, and may have the imprint of another guys foot on it)
  • Vibram soles

Recommended Aesthetic and Functional Practices


Your boots may, or may not arrive with insoles. If they do, it will likely be worn and old. You should consider replacing it before you begin breaking your boots in, or wearing them more than casually.

Breaking In Your Boots

Generally speaking, these Austrian Paratrooper boots have already seen some use. This does mean that the leather is not as stiff as new boot, but a "breaking in" period is recommended.

To break in your boots, wear them as often as possible over a one to two week period of regular activity (think grocery store trips, not hiking trips.) Use good, full length wool socks, and take note if you feel any "hot spots" while walking around. Friction between your foot and the boot is what causes blisters, and breaking in your boots should help with this.

If hot spots persist, silk or synthetic "liner socks" (worn under your wool ones) are a cheap and easy way to protect your feet. They are freely available at most outdoors stores.

Speed Lacing

It is of Ivan's opinion that tying your boots with a speed lacing method is superior to that of any external bow or knot.

It looks cleaner while minimizing the chance that you will trip, get your boots stuck, or have them come untied because you use a granny knot like a child.

There is an assortment of different speed lacing methods that will have these three attributes in common.

1.     Very long laces. (The excess in lace is necessary. If your boots come with normal size laces, consider investing in longer laces.

2.     At least one full wrap of lace around the ankle

3.     Tucking all excess lace deep inside the boot

Here are video guides for two different styles of speed lacing. [HYPERLINK 1] [HYPERLINK 2]

This batch of boots comes with laces that are a little too short for most conventional speedlacing (it is still very possible if you copy the way it is laced in the photos, however it is not as sturdy as it could be).

We will try to include a pair of long laces from a batch of battered boots with as many orders as we can. No guarantees we have enough however. It's a convenient thing laces are inexpensive.

Blousing and Tucking Your Trousers

If you are not going to tuck in your trousers when you tie your boots, and you are wearing baggy pants, I recommend investing in elastic blousing garters / "boot bands".

It will look cleaner, and help keep the cuffs of your trousers out of the way.

Boot Care

Basic repair and maintenance for leather boots is very easy and inexpensive, I have created a photo guide of the barebones basics on our blog. The goal of this guide is to introduce every step you need to get Grade 1&2 boots up and running and keep them that way. No fancy tricks or boring conjecture. All with a low budget approach with minimal supplies.

I have contained everything into four steps. Follow all steps relevant to your boots in chronological order. All these steps are hyperlinked. Simply click on a step to be directed to the guide.


Walk into any store that sells shoes and ask to have BOTH your feet measured.

If you find one foot is wider than the other, get that size, and force the habit of leaning on the smaller foot when standing still.

If you plan to wear your boots with a thick insole and medium/thick socks, buy one size bigger.

For those with wide feet, you will have to follow your general style of fitting into normal shoes. For reference, a size 10.5 EE wide foot fits best in a size 12 shoe with an arch based insert. Flat feet or not, it is important to have an insert with a raised arch. The knuckles of your foot widen under your own weight. Displacing weight off that part of your foot will make it more comfortable.  

The break-in period may be a little uncomfortable at first for wide feet, but the sides should stretch in time. If they do not improve after a month, reach out to us for a possible exchange.


Shoe sizing over the Internet can be a little more finicky than clothing.

If you are unhappy with your boot's size, and would like to exchange for a different size, ship it back to us, and we will pay for shipping the 1st replacement.


These boots come in three conditions.

    • Grade 1 - Great Condition - Collector's/Great
    • Grade 2 - Needs refurbishment - Good/Serviceable
    • Grade 3 - Unserviceable - Battle-damaged

95% of all boots have an x written in gray marker on the toe of the boot. These will wear off over time, or you can wash it off immediately with a toothbrush and water.(see Boot Care and Refurbishment)

Some boots also have hole-punched tongues, and sometimes grommets high up on the inside of the ankle. These are clean and should not affect any functional or aesthetical problems when wearing the boot. The hole punch on the tongue is high up by the tag, and not visible when the boot is laced. The ankle grommets are at the same height, and allow you to easily tie the boots together to hang them up to dry, or store them away.

Grade 1 is the condition we sold all previous boots in. They are great condition and should have no damage that you wouldn’t already gain from wearing them for a week. Any scratches, scuffing, or dirt is superficial, and will clean up nicely with both regular use and following our boot care guide.

Grade 2 boots have one or more features of moderate damage. The boot is still completely serviceable, but requires refurbishment. It is possible to refurbish most grade 2 boots to 90-95% condition. These boots are the main reason we have put much effort into our boot care guides. The amount of value you can restore is well worth the supplies and effort.

Grade 3 boots are essentially broken or damaged beyond repair in some manner. You may have to replace entire parts in order to restore these to full function. With advanced cobbling skills, some boots could be saved and still put to use, but some may be beyond saving.

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  • 5
    Verdammter Bolschewikenabschaum!

    Posted by Anton Strasser on Jun 10th 2017

    So i was working alongside some of my fallschirmjäger buddies innaround Gumrak Station in the indutrial disctrict of Stalingrad. As we made quick approach to the entrenched Soviets a DPSH opened up and blew holes in one of my buddies. Luckily the SL1 threw smoke and we were able to climb through the windows and begin making work of the Reds, these boots were great for stomping Siberian conscripts. It didn't matter because rockets stopped our advance but hey man whatcha gonna do? All Red Orchestra jokes aside, these are excellent boots and furthermore, the guys here at KS are VERY responsive and helpful when it comes to getting what you need and fixing any errors, and for this they get all stars.

  • 5
    Excellent condition & fit

    Posted by Man from Japan on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by Man from Japan on Jan 27th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    When they came in the box, the laces were frayed and the insoles were flat & crusty. I already had a pair of 84in laces + insoles on hand for when they arrived, and the 84in were the perfect length for speedlacing as demonstrated in the video. I would reccommend researching how to oil+condition the leather on your own, as they certainly needed it. I've been wearing them for about a week and a half with nothing but positives to report so far; the upper is pliable yet sturdy, the soles are thick and hardy, and have had several people comment/ask if I'm in the military, which could be good or bad depending on your autism.

  • 4

    Posted by [A] on Jun 5th 2017

    Posted by [A] on Jan 30th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    Very nice boots, period. Cleaned the leather, relaced with 60in "BOOT LACE" from a payless, And replaced the terabad wool(?) soles with some cheap comfortable insole. Aaaaaand they're alright. Fit a bit snug for a 47/48,(should have gone for 1 size larger but w/e) the hand to the leather is a touch different from onr to the other. The boot tread is a more little worn down for my licking, from am assuming tons of use over the years,(mine are dated 2005 on the bottom) That can be fixed fairly easy. But killer looking pair of kickers at an amazing price point. 4/5 would buy again

  • 5
    Boots are great but replace laces and insoles

    Posted by Sam on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by Sam on Feb 9th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    Boots arrived pretty quick, has a small dent on one toe but that's not a big deal. However I would advise to replace the laces with 72 inch black laces you can find at walmart for 2$ along with memory foam insoles for 8$. You should polish them regularly and also wear 2 pairs of socks when you break them in, I made the misatke and my feet are kind of bleeding but thats the process of breaking them in so its totally normal!

  • 5
    Wew lad

    Posted by bowtie on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by bowtie on Feb 14th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    Without a doubt the best boots you can get for $30. Got them earlier today and they're in very good shape. No damage, very light wear all around; looks more like they're just a little bit dirty. The fit was very accurate, though my toes are just a little cramped. Ordered a 10, as that is the closest to my actual foot size, but I typically wear 10.5s. Boots have plenty of tread left, and so far are pretty comfy. I imagine if I gave them a cleaning and a shining they'd look brand new. No regerts.

  • 5
    Great price

    Posted by Matt Price on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by Matt Price on Feb 15th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    These boots came in on time and are well worth the money. It looks like they only have elf sizes left but I will order another pair when and if they get more in stock. The leather is in great shape and the soles only have slight wear. I would recommend replacing the laces and insoles.

  • 5
    Damn fine boots for the price

    Posted by Alan on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by Alan on Feb 19th 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    Having big guy feet, I grabbed a set of 48/14US. Either I got lucky or this shipment was quality. The boots were made in 2014, with minimal wear. The laces are in fine condition on mine. The insole on mine is a thin strip of leather that I plan on replacing. The fit is excellent. Overall, this is a great deal. If they ever get more in, I'm recommending these boots to my friends.

  • 5
    Boots had scorpions in them.

    Posted by John on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by John on Feb 21st 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    The boots that I ordered happened to have 9 scorpions living inside them. I tried to remove them but they just don't go as easy as Chenyans. So I had to drown them out. Long story short, now my house smells like cosmoline AND boot. 10/10 would buy again.

  • 4
    Very good value

    Posted by Bill Hundley on Jun 5th 2017

    [Posted by Bill Hundley on Feb 21st 2017 and added retroactively for season four]

    For an all leather, well made boot this fits the bill. Good overall condition. Integrity of the boots is good. No repairs needed. Tread had some worn areas as expected. But, sole will walk for many more miles. Saddle soaped and applied leather preservative made them look great. Comfortable on feet and to wear while walking or hiking. Consider ordering next size up if you want to use a good, arch supporting insert and or heavier socks. Recommended