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The worlds best milsurp snuggie is back.

This sniper sleeping bag has zippered arm holes so your body can remain cozy while your upper limbs can leave the bag to shoot, fiddle with your shelter half, or embrace your comrade lying next to you. Don't feel like operating or cuddling? Just zipper the arm holes up.

What's that? Dimitry forgot his sunshade and they discovered your position? Quickly unzip the bag at your feet and become a sprinting bundle of comfort, fear, and embarrassment.

A true "modular" sleeping system.



  • 100% polyamide upper 
  • 100% FES fiber fluff filling
  • 100% polyester inner
  • 74.8" x 31.5"
  • Mummy style construction
  • One-way zippered arm holes and two-way zippered main body


Bags are in Great condition. Signs of minor use. No tears or abrasions, possible minor pilling on inside.

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    Bushman's best buddy

    Posted by Sean L., Canada on Jul 26th 2017

    Ordered 2 after looking all over for these, Ivan's got the good stuff! No rips, tears, stains, or repairs on either of them. Ends of the straps are a bit frayed, but I trimmed them and sprayed the last inch with a stop-leak rubber spray and a very minor issue was solved. Inside material feels like cotton, so it doesn't sound like an '80s break dance track with record scratching when you move, in fact it is a very quiet bag overall, and has a very nice feel to it. Does it compress down to the size of a golf ball like some high tech modern bags? No. Is it ultra über light? No. But it is amazingly versatile, warm, and durable, with the ability to use it on a much wider temperature range than a conventional bag or blanket system. Where this shines is for hammock campers! You put the bag on before climbing in to your pea pod so there's no fussing other than to close the feet up, if you chose. The best kept secret for the well hung hammock hooligan. A compression sack makes the bulk much more manageable, to be sure, and I've found the Carinthia style with compression around the middle, plus end to end is the ideal, and can be found on the cheap. Even the color matches.

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    Great sleeping bag for the money

    Posted by Lluís Pérez on Jul 5th 2017

    Warm, cozy and feels indestructible, love the ultra high duty zippers. The whole arm and leg opening gimmick is cool as well, but in general if you need a sleeping bag this is an excellent choice for the money. Not a fan of the compression system tho, mine came with only one compression strap and it was separated from the sack, but the sack was otherwise new so I wont complain, I was planning on getting a compression bag for it anyway and I suggest you do the same.