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Fuzzy warm scarves in glorious olive drab...with a twist. Unlike conventional scarves, these take on the form of a cylinder with two open ends and a hollow middle, also known as a tube.

This allows the user to pass through the scarf and be surrounded by it. The woes of having your scarf annoyingly unravel is gone. A user can go from a neckwarmer to a facemask in a snap.

Don a scary babushka or keep your spam cans warm at night. With tubes, the possibilities are a lot better than normal scarves.


  • Wool blend
  • 42"x8"
  • Is tube (Wow!)
  • Comes in two different kinds of OD (Warehouse Ivan hates this)


See picture three. If you have a preference, mention it in the order comments at checkout.

  • Olive Leaning Olive Drab
  • Green Leaning Olive Drab


Completely unissued. Most come in a plastic sleeve.

Note: Tube is for head, plastic sleeve is not.

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  • 5
    Perfect for those winter maps

    Posted by Anton Strasser on Jun 10th 2017

    kept me very warm at Rakowice, it's a shame nobody knows how to drive an APC when attacking. I got the Olive-Colored Green Scarf, and without adoubt it will keep me warm innamountains. Just know that they're VERY long, so they very much keep your neck warm, they're not exactly a multi-wrap, they're a scarf.

  • 4
    A solid scarf, but beware if you got a large head

    Posted by Anon on May 20th 2017

    I got the brown version of this scarf, from the looks of things the only difference in them seems ot be color. this scarf is neat as hell BUT, be careful if you've got a fat head, seriously, it's very tight, although it's great for snowblowing sessions with unrully wind