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No-nonsense high and tight design, the Czech don’t have time to mess around. Years of copying US designs has rubbed off a bit on this small Europoor country. These unapologetic mandies are perfect for any operation. Whether you’re packing lightweight or taking a full load, these shorts are built to perform.


The tilde on all sizes expresses the forgiving nature of the stretchy elastic. If you are within 4 Inches (10cm) of the recommended waist size, it will fit.

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  • 5
    Maximum Velocity, Minimum Drag

    Posted by Blitz on Oct 13th 2016

    These shorts are light weight, tough, and pure sex.
    Hot weather? Hotter Shorts.

  • 5
    Squatting made easy.

    Posted by Operator Dan on Apr 20th 2016

    These really let me hit a nice deep squat whether I'm at the gym or just squatting socially.

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    Tactical Pocket on the right cheek

    Posted by Dick Rickles on Apr 2nd 2016

    The moment I unpacked these bad boys, I knew it was meant to be. With nothing other than my two inch daily carry, I went out to check the mail. Two of my neighbors were audibly impressed with the quality of the garment, even going so far as to call out, "Nice shorts!" when I walked past them and their children.

    If you ever had ANY doubt about your fibre, moral or otherwise, these shorts will set you straight, sexuality or otherwise.