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The Czech military must fear a lack of cozyness. I don't know what their parents did to them, maybe all of the senior officials in charge of procurement and manufacturing were abused orphans. Whatever the case may be, the Czech military created a good friggen sleeping bag. Allow me to clarify here for a minute. This isn't a high speed, NASA engineered, mummy bag with SUPERLOFT brand SUPERLOFT insulation made from Chris Costa's facial hair. No, this is the type of sleeping bag you bring with you wen you want a bed. It has sheets for christsake. Who makes a sleeping back with a sheet? Abused Czechoslovakian generals, that's who.


  • Set includes Outer shell, Blanket Liner, and Sheet.
  • Liner and Sheet button in place.
  • While you could sleep between the liner and sheet if you wanted. The liner is intended to be used as insulation, the sheet will surround you on both sides once buttoned correctly.
  • Many fun liner colors, but only one sheet color has been observed so far.
  • Aprox dimensions of one fully zippered sleeping bag: 88 x 28 Inches


Mildly used, in great condition. No holes or tears.

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    Posted by Sleeping like a Czech babby on Jul 30th 2016

    Quite good, m8s.
    I tested it by sleeping with my AC on almost full blast and it's bretty warm. I was comfortable all night.

    The outer shell came with some funny smelling Czech dirt on it that Warehouse Ivan and I deduced was probably Czechbestos, a some bizarre combination of asbestos and extremely tiny Czech illegal immigrants. Removal is simple; spray that fucker with a hose. Don't wash the outer shell in your washing machine, the heat could mess it up. Hose works fine, comrades.