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The most AESTHETIC leather jacket milsurp can buy.


  • Classic blouson cut leather jacket
  • Made out of water-repellent cow-grain-leather
  • One way zippered front
  • Deeply set tongue sleeves with ventilation eyes in the armpit, and zippered cuff fasteners
  • Sleeve and body lining made out of Serge-lining and thin fleece panels
  • Snap secured buckle adjusted collar tab
  • Two hand pockets
  • Four snap secured front pockets, top two pockets have internal metal D rings on cinch cord.
  • Zippered secured pocket on the left arm with three external pen pockets
  • Two snap secured inside pockets
  • Highly reflective 3M™ SCOTCHLITE™ “POLIZEI” letters on back


EU Size

EU Size translation (CM)

(Size Generalization) 

Size Number / Intended Gender*

Height / Chest

Midriff / Waist


21 / Female

158-164 / 92-96

72-76 / 98-102


25 / Female

158-164 / 108-116

88-96 / 114-118


38 / Female

164-170 / 84-88

64-68 / 90-94


40 / Female


164-170 / 88-92

68-72 / 94-98


48 / Male

170-176 / 92-96

84-88 / 100-104


72 / Female

170-176 / 80-84

60-64 / 87-90


84 / Female

170-176 / 92-96

72-76 / 98-102


106 / Male

182-188 / 100-104

92-96 / 108-112

A note about Intended Gender*

Fun Political jokes aside, this specific item’s intended gender is not too important. It is a very boxy and no-nonsense style leather jacket. The actual differences between both gender’s versions are not apparent. You and the people around you will not be able to feel or tell the difference as long as you fall under the measurements.

What is the difference?

According to the EU size chart these jackets were built off of…

When comparing identical chest sizes, Women are one increment narrower in the Midriff, and one increment wider in the Waist then their male counterparts sizing.

How does this difference affect the jacket?

Not very much, as previously stated. Due to the design and overall pattern of the jacket, these shape/sizing differences are subtle.

How does this affect the sizing applicant >(you)?

In their own binary, men and women already can have bigger ratios of their bodies within a certain margin to begin with. So as long as you fall mostly within the measurements, you will be fine. Take into account the garment is not a skin suit and has room for different sizes, hence the recommended measurements being brackets, not single numbers (I.E. 96-100)