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Modox’s base gorka, filled with extra features, ripstop reinforcements, and delicious Skol camo.

This suit has been given the deluxe treatment. Four unique inside pockets, a zippered and buttoned storm flap, triple button front pockets, and the biggest hood I have ever seen on a parka. Accompanied by cuts of tough ripstop bearing Skol camo (polygon flecktarn in a more traditional woodland coloring). Russian “inspiration” at its finest.

Gorka (Горка) means “little mountain.” Inspired by the days of wearing Plash Palatka shelter halves, this tough little suit is designed to take you through any weather, terrain, or season. With appropriate layering, this gorka becomes the jack of all trades.

The all cotton “Tent Fabric” is comfortable, durable, and water resistant. It protects from wind and weather while not suffocating the user. It is treated to repel water, and with proper care (and additional coats of water repellent), can be used in rain.

Is this a “real" gorka? Who is MODOX?

Modox is a military distributor just like other gorka companies. Their gear has been used by multiple Russian military departments, and has seen combat. We even recently had a chance to compare the Modox gorka to a BARS and SSO model. It far surpassed the BARS gorka in terms of fabric quality and design. Compared to the SSO Gorka-E, it seems equal in fabric quality and design, but the CASCADE has more features.


  • Designed and tested for Russian MVD forces.

  • Constructed from “Tent Frabric," (палаточная-ткань.html) a 100% cotton grey-brown canvas, reinforced by stylish cuts of mixed material 50/50% cotton/poly ripstop fabric in Skol camouflage.

  • Two cinch cords hold the hood in place. One around the main opening of the hood, and another around the back of the head.

  • A fabric guard rests at the top of the zipper and button-secured storm flap. This keeps the wearer comfortable while protecting any facial hair or neck and face accessories from getting caught in the zipper.

  • Five outside pockets. One left chest pocket, two below the waist pockets, and two ergonomically angled shoulder pockets.

  • Shoulder pockets are hook and loop secured, while other front pockets use a three button system. Two outside buttons hold the pocket flap in place, while a middle button compresses the pocket. You can leave only the middle button in place for quick access with minimal content leakage.

  • Two inside pockets. The left chest pocket is a 2-for-1 deal. The hook and loop secured pouch has a second open compartment behind it. The right chest pocket has a pouch divided into two zippered chambers.

  • A combination of button, hook and loop, and metal clips all secure the fly of the pants. Our assumption is that the redundancy ensures that even if your pants were to take damage, you will have some way to close your fly.

  • Pants have internal elastic belt along with a separate cinch cord.

  • Wide belt loops fit 50mm web belts.

  • Removable suspenders with fastex buckles seal the deal. The amount of methods devoted to keeping your pants on is incredible. Russians are very self conscious after all, and are constantly afraid of getting pantsed by their friends.

  • Pants have two hook and loop secured cargo pockets and buttoned slots for accessing pockets worn underneath.

  • Double-layered ripstop fabric in the elbows, seat, and knees.

  • Pants have internal ankle cuff gaiters that thread an elastic strap around the bottom of your foot. This keeps weather out, while keeping your pant cuffs down and tucked into your shoe.

  • Internal elastic bands in wrist and pant cuffs.




US Size

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86-92 cm

75-82 cm



96-100 cm

83-92 cm



104-108 cm

93-102 cm



112-116 cm

103-110 cm



120-124 cm (128 cm with long option)

111-118 cm




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176 cm and below

81 cm and below


176 cm and above

81 cm and above