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 Modox’s version of the mute colored classic: the gold standard of gorka storm suits.

This style of gorka is nicknamed the tourist, referring to its popularity with military and civilians alike (in Russian, tourist more closely means outdoorsman or hiker).

Gorka (Горка) means “little mountain.” Inspired by the days of wearing Plash Palatka shelter halves, this tough little suit is designed to take you through any weather, terrain, or season. With appropriate layering, this gorka is a jack of all trades.

The all cotton “Tent Fabric” is comfortable, durable, and water resistant. It protects from wind and weather while not suffocating the user. It is treated to repel water, and with proper care (and additional coats of water repellent), can be used in rain.

Is this a “real" gorka? Who is MODOX?

Modox is a military distributor just like other gorka companies. Their gear has been used by multiple Russian military departments, and has seen combat. We recently had a chance to compare the Modox gorka to a BARS and SSO model. It far surpassed the BARS gorka in terms of fabric quality, and design. Compared to the SSO Gorka-E It seemed equal in fabric quality and design.


  • A well-tested classic. Used by military, special forces, and civilians alike for decades.

  • Constructed from “Tent Fabric,” (палаточная-ткань.html) a 100% Cotton grey-brown canvas.

  • Two cinch cords hold the hood in place. One around the main opening of the hood, and another around the back of the head.

  • Button-secured storm flap with all buttons except for the top three covered.

  • Parka has four outside pockets. Two buttoned pockets below the waist pockets and two ergonomically angled hook and loop secured shoulder pockets.

  • Parka has an inside pocket on the left breast.

  • Two elastic cuffs just above the waist and a cinch cord at the hem help tighten the parka.

  • Pants have internal elastic belt, along with an separate cinch cord.

  • Wide belt loops fits 50mm web belts.

  • A combination of button, hook and loop, and metal clips all secure the fly of the pants. The redundancy ensures that if your pants were to take damage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), you will have some way to close your fly.

  • Low profile suspenders stay secure and comfortable during any activity.

  • Pants have two button-secured cargo pockets and two deep back pockets.

  • Double-layered ripstop fabric in the elbows, seat, and knees.

  • Internal elastic bands in wrist and pant cuffs.


US Size

RU size





86-92 cm

75-82 cm



96-100 cm

83-92 cm



104-108 cm

93-102 cm



112-116 cm

103-110 cm



120-124 cm (128 cm with long option)

111-118 cm


US Size




176 cm and below

81 cm and below


176 cm and above

81 cm and above

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    Posted by Michael W on Dec 22nd 2016

    Quality is good- think old school BDU jacket material sew into a giant oversuit. No zippers, just giant green buttons. Top is massive and is adequate in both sleeve length and torso length. The pants fit slimmer. I'm 6'4, 215 lbs, with a 36 waist and 36 inseam and the large long fits both the waist and inseam, although if you're taller or have a bigger waist than that and i'd recommend going up a size.

    Suspenders are too short, and unless you're built like a dwarf the crotch of the pants is going to ride up and be no fun. Suspenders need to be at least 5 or 6 inches longer in order wear the pants at the waist and not have to pay pocket hockey to get everything to jive.

    hope this helps for fellow not normal sized people.

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    Even if eat to much canned pork will fat even fattest STALKER

    Posted by Boris on Oct 14th 2016

    even if you are of fat body stalker sizes are mostly accurate bottom a little tight but i bought it while losing weight so will only get looser very good quality any worry you have about using buttons instead of tacticool velcro or zippers can be thrown to cold siberian winter exceptional product exceptional turn around for shipping ivan is best

    ps. Fuck That Guy

    pps.Kosovo = Serbia

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    Durable and high quality

    Posted by /K/ierkegaard on Aug 3rd 2016

    I am six foot two inches at 157 lbs. I ordered a medium long gorka, and it fit well. It was baggy where it should be, and I could easily fit layers underneath it for winter. I would imagine it would make a fantastic winter/late fall hiking suit. The stitching is high quality, and the entire suit is as waterproof/water resistant as my flecktarn rain jacket. The olive portions that are reinforced (the area around the knees, back, and buttocks) are entirely waterproof; water beads and rolls right off of them. The gorka appears extremely durable, and it is equally comfortable. However, today it is 92°F with 70 percent humidity, and I was sweating something dreadful. However, that is to be expected as wearing anything, even Rhodie-tier short shorts, of absolutely miserable in this area. So, if you live in the Midwest, do not expect to wear this on humid days, as you will feel like you are in the Mekong delta. However, it is well suited to all other weather/seasons, as it is warm, waterproof, durable, very comfortable, and as an added bonus, it doesn't scream "I have near-addiction levels of autistic fascination with military technology and history," something I much appreciate. You can also cosplay as a stalker or a Ukranian civil war combatant who is "totally not Russian supplied." All in all, it is money well spent on a high quality suit.

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    Excellent Product/10, buying a second

    Posted by RIDF gorka-lover on May 19th 2016

    TL;DR: description has a few unimportantly misleading parts, but gorka is still excellent (thus 5/5). This review will be long. Teachers and professors have taken points off because i write too much, i'll never learn. This is a long TLDR too. See?

    Let me start by saying that the gorka description is not entirely accurate. After clearing this up i will discuss how comfy this is.

    The coat is made of "53% Хлопок & 47% полизсткр." I dont know what хлопок is but i assume that полизстер is polyester. I dont care what it is made of though. Its waterproof and comfy. Maybe хлопок means cotton and thats the not-reinforced parts, or maybe "with 100% cotton" just means made with cotton (making 100% confusing)
    The pants only have buttons, elastic, and the rope cinch cord. No metal or velcro. This too is okay because the buttons are redundant, and the rope is redundant, and you can tie it. Also the suspenders work well, which are velcro and elastic.

    Now to the ACTUAL review

    First thing i did when mail lady came was take the package, gratefully accepted. Then i grabbed my SA-M7 with bayonet and cut the box open. Inside was gorka. I stripped down and put gorka on. I could already tell this was going to be great. Super comfy. Pockets are soft. AK looks great with it.

    Im a big guy, so i got XXL-L. The gorka is baggy as it should be. The suspenders still put the pants above my stomach, but the pants still fit fine (certainly not too tight as i need to use cinch chords still). These are comfy. My friend called me russian steve erkel (helps that my name is steve). Ankles have redundant layer inside with elastic ties, and an elastic ankle cuff. This means you can put one inside your boot and tie it around your ankle, then put the other outside your boot and it tightens itself. Both materials are waterproof. Rear of ankles reinforced like knees and bum. These pants are warm. Not too warm though. It was 75°f and comfy, then 40°f and comfy. Very nice. Baggy enough for more layers. Pockets are very nice and deep. I put my beretta 92FS in the front right pocket and you really couldnt tell it was there when sitting down. Back pockets are large enough for my giant hands. Can fix extra gloves and stuff. I can still kick the top of the doorframes with these on! Will wear in snow/10

    Now to the parka. It is waterproof too. Wrist cuffs are elastic. Buttons are nice and reinforced. Stitching is great. Pockets are HUGE. shoulder pockets blend in and dont look out of place. If you want to put on a gas mask, you need to put the hood on first, or unbutton the top of the coat. Nice tight fit around gas masks (israeli and russian are what i checked). Hood is huge, can fit hat under it easily, water will not get to your hair. The coat is extremely baggy, almost excessively. This is good because in summer it means more circulation, and in winter you can add layers. I could fit my chest rig and armor under it with ease.

    If i had the option to but another, i would. As a matter of fact, i am buying another tomorrow. Buy one. Ivan will get the package on board if you call it in.

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    Money well spent

    Posted by Bill on May 10th 2016

    Very good quality suit. Nice, quality fabric and well constructed. Details are not overlooked. Oversize garment for layering in any weather giving it year round use.
    I received the basic pattern which goes great in town or the woods. Blends well anywhere. Many nice features throughout making this garment more versatile.
    If you are on the fence jump off and order one. You will be glad you did.

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    Second most comfortable pair of pants I've ever owned

    Posted by Florida Viper on May 9th 2016

    Oh man, where to begin with the Gorka.
    To start; the guy pictured clearly has a gorka that is too big for him. Not anyone's fault, but I can testify that the suit will fit much better than what's pictured. Or maybe it's at a weird angle. Nevertheless, they won't hang off you too much. Or, it won't be so baggy that it's unpractical/uncomfortable to wear.

    The jacket is fairly lightweight. Given that I've been wearing it in 70-80 degree weather, it's good for a light top layer. The hood fits so that it will cover your eyes in the rain without any flop. The jacket pockets are extremely soft and comfy, they're made from the "tent fabric" that you keep seeing all over the Gorka stuff. There are sleeve pockets much like an ACU or combat shirt, and are easier to get to imho. The sleeves have an elastic band in the wrists, making it easy to just pull the sleeves up to your elbows. This is especially important for me because though it may be raining in Florida, it may also be very fucking hot, making the easy transition in the sleeves a god send when comparing them to the alternative of rolling up your sleeves when you're sweltering.

    Next, the PANTS.
    God fucking damnit these pants are comfy. I mean it. They're really, really comfy. The interior lining is like a fucking bedsheet, but just as light as a bedsheet and not very uncomfortable in the heat but retains heat well in the cold. The crotch (inseam) isn't too far down nor is it too close. They're really good for squatting or kneeling in without worrying about ripping the crotch wide open (a problem I have especially with BDU pants). The pants can be work with the suspenders or without, as they detach. If worn with the suspenders, be prepared to have the pants up to your goddamn nipples. They may have been created with that intention, but it still feels goofy. However, there is an elastic waistband in them, and if looking like a Russian Steve Urkel isn't your thing; you can wear them on your waist or hips for a more comfortable and stylish look.
    The pockets are pretty deep, and made of the same tent fabric that you keep hearing about. It's very soft, and very nice to touch.
    Kneeling in mud with these doesn't really seem to stain them much at all. The tent fabric in the knees just wipes it right off. They're comfortable to run in, go prone in, and sleep in. They're the second most comfortable pair of pants I own; the first being the desert DPM camo pants I got from Ivan, too.
    Not entirely sure what the last bit of fabric at the pant legs are for, though.