Our Mission

KommandoStore exists to bring you high quality military surplus and even higher quality service. We strive to build the best relationship between us and all of our loyal customers who support us and share our passion.

We care about how good our products are first, not just what sells. We carefully pick and tediously design everything we sell to make sure our customers get the very best when they order from us.

We want customers to learn just as much as we have about what we sell to ignite the same passion in everyone we sell to. We've always been dedicated to the importance of the history of our products, because behind every surplus piece is a story worth telling.

Our Past

KommandoStore began as Nugget Enterprises in 2013 as little more than two teens with a dream and a basement to stuff surplus in. Starting as small as a business can, shipping single batches of surplus to a small group of internet acquantainces built our foundation.


KommandoStore has grown over time due to tireless effort and unending drive to grow and become the premier military surplus retailer. We now have a warehouse full of surplus, a team full of passion, and an army of loyal customers that we're endlessly thankful for.

Our Future

As we grow, so does our network of talent and acquisition capabilities.

Gorkas and Zibby Beans were just a taste of what's to come. 

We are continually working on bringing you more surplus from further across the world, new innovative projects from attire to high-end tactical equipment, and an unparalleled customer experience that puts you, the customer, at the top of our priority list.