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Bulgarian TM-62M Training Anti-Tank Mine Information

Update As Of 3:00PM 02/18/2020

Customer Interactions with Federal and Local law enforcement

  • We have had numerous reports of FBI and Local police visiting customers and taking mines. So far all interactions have been reported as smooth with no incidents between customers and agencies.
  • Visited customers have consistently reported federal agents claiming that a landmine or landmine fuse detonated at the MSP airport Thursday night. This is not valid information.
  • The postal Inspector responsible for sending the nationwide alert confirmed that the statement issued didn’t contain any statement claiming a detonation at MSP airport. Any agent that tells you such has misinterpreted the information.

Reminder If the Feds/Police/Etc Contact You

  • LEO may contact you and ask to inspect the mine. We suggest that you allow them to inspect the mine. We will make you whole in the event of a seized mine.
  • Please contact us via help@kommandostore.com if you receive a visit from the Feds. This will help us establish SOP for these inspections and inform other customers.
  • Note that allowing inspection of the mine does not mean you have to allow a warrant-less search of your person or property. Remember at this time, nobody has committed a crime and nobody is suspected of committing a crime.
  • If you are comfortable moving the mine, you may choose to meet with LEO outside your home to allow inspection without inviting officers inside.

Cooperation With Our Supplier of TM-62M Landmines

  • We have made contact with our suppler for the landmines. They confirmed that the landmines are inert and were imported legally under their FFL license and were inspected and cleared by ATF and Homeland Security.
  • They have forwarded scans of all the import certifications and port paperwork.

Continued Cooperation with Law Enforcement

  • Here is a link to the current photographic guides to confirm that a training fuse with pyrotechnic primer and training smoke generator are not installed in your mine.
  • If you do not have a smoke generator booster or training fuse with primer in your TM-62M there is no issue, and unless you live in New York or California you should not have to surrender your mine.

How to Contact Us

For any and all inquiries you can...

  1. Email us directly below
  2. Contact our live chat on site
  3. Email us at help@kommandostore.com
  4. Call/ leave a voicemail on our mainline (612)-756-9324

Finally, please accept our sincere apologies for the disruption and concern this has caused in your lives. There are many hundreds of people effected by this and that fact is absolutely not lost us. We will do our utmost to keep you informed with accurate, honest, and timely updates as new information becomes available.