German Officer Dress Shoes Sizing Chart

These dress shoes are conveniently sized using the objectively superior Mondopoint system.

Where other sizing systems determine their size with subjectivity and emotion, Mondopoint sizing runs on nothing but plain objective measurement, making it the international standard for shoe sizing.

The first number is the length of your foot, the second the width. All in Millimeters.

Length / Width 

For those who do not have access to a foot measuring device or experience with the Mondopoint system, we have assembled the best conversion chart we could below:

 Mondopoint (mm) EU US US Approximate Width
270/106 42 9 EE Extra Wide
275/107 43 9.5-10 E Wide
285/107 44 10.5-11 D Regular
285/110 44 10.5-11 E Wide
290/109 45 11.5 D Regular
290/112 45 11.5 EE Extra Wide
295/113 46 12 EE Extra Wide
300/114 46.5 12.5 E Wide