G96 Synthetic CLP Oil 4 Oz
G96 Synthetic CLP Oil 4 Oz

G96 Synthetic CLP Oil 4 Oz

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One of the most critical parameters to peak weapon performance is adequate weapon maintenance. Despite some opinions out there that say you only need to throw more oil in it, we think the best CLP on the market is G96 1053M Synthetic CLP. From -50F to 350F G96 will keep your firearm running smoothly — The special chemical formula is a unique combination of additives that both clean, protect and bond to the high wear surfaces of your firearm.  

It was originally developed for the US Army’s requirements to meet the MIL-PRF-63460E specification and tested by the US Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (essentially the National Institute of Justice for military standards). The G96 gun lubricant passed with flying colors. Including the portions of the test involving salt spray, dust, and cold. 

Additionally G96 Synthetic CLP keeps its lubricity & rust-prevention properties for 30 days in short-term storage, depending on ambient atmospheric conditions. So unless your gun is a safe queen, you can rest assured that your gun will stay lubricated even if you can’t get to the range more than once every couple weeks (understandable with ammo prices).

If you are looking for more information regarding G96 Synthetic CLP we recommend checking out both the product page and the FAQ on G96’s website which can be found here and here.  


  • Works from -50F to 350F
  • Meets & Exceeds MIL-PRF-63460E & NATO S-75
  • Bottle Contains 4 Fl Oz Of Oil
  • Lubricates & Protects firearm parts for 30 days in storage

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