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Since October 2015, pattern p83 has been fully discontinued. What remain are our reconstructed battlejackets* and the few remaining stragglers recently discovered by our South African contacts.

These new battlejackets are not great in numbers, but they are in fantastic condition. We never thought we would see South African surplus so new it still had tailor's chalk markings. The fact that these markings remain is a testament to their condition, as the markings rub off with any use.

The Pattern 83 webbing system was produced to fill a very specific need in the South African military. In the later years of the Border War, the SADF was hurting for a comfortable, lightweight, and simple to use load bearing system. As with much of the equipment of the time, private sector commercial outfitters helped the military design and produce an effective solution. The resulting “battle jacket” (heavily influenced by Rhodesian fireforce webbing) is still in use today by the South African Defense Force and has been featured as the go-to load bearing gear of various movie baddies (see Blood Diamond, District 9, and most recently Mad Max).

The iconic “Nutria Brown” pouches on the vest are made of a waterproofed cordura nylon. You’ll find a heavy wear resistant coating inside the pouches. The “body” of the vest is a padded breathable nylon mesh which distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, back, and hips. In total there are five magazine pouches, each capable of holding two standard capacity mags (for a grand total of 10). Although originally intended for R4 (Galil) magazines, we’ve found the pockets are plenty roomy and will even accommodate some battle rifle users.

On the sides of the vest there are two large pouches intended for canteens. In a pinch, they can be used as dump pouches for empty magazines, but I’d recommend using them for their original purpose (dehydration is no joke). Smaller pockets arranged around the water pouches are intended to hold grenades, but work just as well for storing cleaning kits and other miscellaneous small gear. The large lower pouch in the front can fit even more magazines or be used to store bandages and other bulkier items. The backpack pouch features a roomy upper and lower compartment, with additional straps to secure a bed roll.


  • Waterproof, durable Cordura nylon with nylon mesh webbing.

  • Nutria Brown color, designed to get dirty and build a natural camouflage.

  • Padding along shoulders, back and hips.

  • Webbing can be adjusted and secured with buckles to fit all sizes.


  • Five double magazine pouches hold up to ten 30rd magazines.

  • One large front pouch.

  • Two large canteen side pouches.

  • Two small side grenade pouches.

  • Large “backpack” pouch with two compartments.


Unissued: So new there are still chalk marks from when it was sewn together.

Collector's: Like new condition, no observable blemishes or damage.

Great: Minor use and abrasion on the fabric.

Great w/ Cosmetic Damage: Minor use and abrasion on the fabric, cosmetic damage.

Good: Mild use and abrasion on the fabric, minor dust and dirt (e.g. grass stains, water stains, dirt/dust pushed into webbing).

Serviceable: Moderate use, potential cosmetic damage, stitching damage, and small tears (fixed with needle and thread). Some back pouches have had the separator between the two compartments cut, turning it into one large back compartment. As a bit of a bonus, it fits hydration systems now.

Reconstructed Battlejackets*

About a year ago the barrel of compete battlejackets from our source over in South Africa was empty. All that remained was a large pile of heavily broken and damaged vests. So we salvaged them for good parts and reassembled them into more battlejackets! These battlejackets are 100% genuine and structurally indistinguishable from their non-Frankenstein brothers.

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    Awesome SADF webbing!

    Posted by Phil on Apr 16th 2016

    I use to use this webbing back in the day while in the Australian army. Stupidly I gave it away. As its hard to get I've been looking for another one in good condition for years. I opted for the collectors codition and glad I did as when ibpulled my new purchase out ofvthe box I was very pleased to see that the battle jacket was in mint codition! Delivery was prompt. I will definitely order from kommandostore again.

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    This thing is awesome

    Posted by MM on Apr 12th 2016

    I received my battle jacket in the mail 4 days after my order and I love it.
    I'm a college student majoring in geology so I needed something to have all my equipment handy when mapping in the field. If youre out in the wilderness for work and need easy access to tools, food, or water this battle jacket is extremely handy. If you're getting it to be able to carry a bunch of AR mags it's pretty good for that too.
    As for quality I bought the collector's grade and my only concern is one zipper on the back pouch that has a single bent tooth. It works fine but I'm careful with it. This being surplus I expected worse so I'm still happy with my purchase.
    All in all I only wish I could afford more to give to my outdoorsy friends as gifts.

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    Collector's M83 Jacket

    Posted by Benjamin Reed on Mar 29th 2016

    It looked like a sweet jacket, and I was in need of something that could lug around a bunch of 47 mags and other field stuff. So I took the plunge and ponied up.

    Man am I happy I did. It's a little stiff, one of the back pads is bent so I have to be sure it sits flat against my back but other than that it's in excellent shape. Lots of roomy pockets, and I can run a variety of mags in it, not just 47 or 74's. Solid purchase, it'll get the job done

  • 5

    Posted by Man in black on Mar 24th 2016

    Going to get another great price great cond thanks KS.

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    Sexy Surplus for Sexy Soldiers

    Posted by Thaddeus Stanbery on Mar 23rd 2016

    Beautiful stuff, you can tell it's Frankensteined though, but not for the reason you'd think or care about.

    I bought the Collectors quality, there's very little wear to it, stitching is good. Only noticeable sign it was issued is the small amount of dirt in some of the strap buckles and a number the previews owner wrote in the back pack flap.

    On the topic of why you can tell it's Frankensteined, the straps were in all sorts through the buckles, some backwards and in patterns to prevent slide out or keep ends in check. So I had to spend a little time getting them right, but who isn't going to make sure their gear isn't adjusted right so I can't be mad if I was going to change that even if they had it right of the bat.

    So, yeah, good gear with a little bit of an adjustment period