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These pouches hold three standard 5.56 mags in a row along the mounting surface (e.g. your chest or plate carrier). Additional webbing is on the front side of each pouch, so if you're feeling MOLLE deprived, you can attach other gear on top of the magazine pouch.

Sold in bundles of 1 (ONE), 4 (FOUR), 10 (TEN), and 20 (TWENTY)!

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    Put your mags or 12 Oz. bottles of beer in this it's good

    Posted by Max Fightmaster on Mar 30th 2017

    I bought 20 of these because I hate money. I don't even own a gun that runs STANAG mags. I just couldn't resist the possibility of buying a plate carrier and just coating the thing in STANAG mag pouches. My dumb financial decisions aside my brother, father, mother, cousin, and everyone else in America has ARs so I actually can tell you about this item. These hold mags snug. Which is code for "shove the mag all the way down and put some muscle into closing it." It will take some work and many people have complained about these being "broken." If you aren't Mr. Bitch Hands you can get it snapped shut. And the mags won't rattle because they are held together by your hard work and MOLLE goodness. It gets a little easier to button mags down when you break this in but it's still a snug fit that won't jostle when you are playing operator. For the record the mags tested were some random polymer mags comparable in size to PMAGS. This also means if you bought your dad a bunch of MR556 (civilian HK 416) mags for Christmas these things will be absolutely useless as they will not even come close to fitting. The quality of these things is top notch. No flaws, no problems, no hassle. I can describe it simply as "made for war and not built by the lowest bidder." I'd go to war wearing these if I wasn't a filthy slavaboo with my 7.62x39 capitalism-destroying AK mags that don't come close to fitting.