Update 2: Final Prototyping In Progress

In February, we began the long process of getting color-matched materials and finalizing hardware for our SMERSH rig, and we're now much closer to starting the production run of SMERSH.

When we last left off in February, we were working on the color lab-dips to match the original Russian "Olive" color for the main body fabric. This work is progressing, and we're also nearing completion on color matches for the trim and hardware of the rig.

Once the lab-dips are complete, we can begin the final "production" prototype. This prototype is essentially the last step before the full production run hits the assembly line.

As of this post, we're still on track to fulfill all orders in Q3 2024 (July-September). If this changes, you guys will be the first to know, and we'll continue to update the delivery ETA.

Thanks once again for sticking with us through the SMERSH project, we can tell everyone is excited to get their rig and we're working tirelessly to make sure it's perfect when it arrives at your doorstep...