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Gorka (Горка) K2, Chapter 2

Developed in top secret & ready to ship: K2s return in a brand-new two-tone colorway...

The Story Of Gorka

Dive deep into the history behind the suit
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Take A Closer Look

See what makes our Gorkas truly one-of-a-kind.
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The Things You (Could) Carry...

A fresh shipment of British DPM Belt-Kit — The ultimate beater-LBE that won't break the bank.
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Disruptive Pattern Surplus

The British Colonize our inventory with a healthy restock of everything DPM along with some new additions...

Anomalous Sweden

A Restock Of Swedish M90 Camo Gear, Spanish & French Blades, and other oddities from around Europe
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The Fabled Frame

South African Pattern 83 Battle Jackets, Grootsaks & Frames.
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It's Easy To Go Green

Austrian ANZUG 03 Gear & More...
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Fresh From The Black Forest

Germany's eye-catching camo & more Bundeswehr goods

A Routine Surplus Stop...

A fresh shipment of Police Surplus featuring more than half a dozen new items...

Think Clearly.

The high-FOV and CBRN-rated 'BB' Model From Mestel & A Restock Of Filters...

The FR Combat Balaclava

A Proven Design, Remade in the USA with Premium FR Fabrics

Crack Open A Cold One...

Exclusive "Lion Lager" merch joins our catalog and Bata Takkies go Ready-To-Ship

Bata "Takkies"

Read about the details & history of this South-African legend...
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