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Bata 'Takkie' Hockey Sneakers

Feat. A Complete Collection of Bush War Goods

The Tale of "Takkies"

Read about the details & history of this South-African legend...
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Pre-Millennial Merch

Two new merch releases from the 90s featuring our favorite airframe and the most infamous disaster in ATF history...

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...

Police Trade-In PPE

'Luft Jerry' — The German Army Trainer

Genuine Cold-War-Production GATs

Collections From The Cold War

Telnyashkas, Trainers, and a resupply of fair-weather Austrian Gear


Serious-Use PPE, Soviet Surplus, & Everything In Between

Type 81 'Chicom' Chest Rigs

Affordable, Versatile, Infinitely Modifiable.

Ivan's Picks

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An Unobtanium Piece of Russian History, Re-made in Collaboration With Arktis

Belt Kit Breakdown

See our SMERSH down to the finest details including materials choice, magazine compatibility, and more.
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The Story of SMERSH

The history behind Russia's famous belt kit, and the linguistic riddle behind it's name...
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