We Buy Surplus

We pay cash for surplus, blems, and contract overruns! We'll buy your unwanted public safety and military equipment, clothing, and field gear. It doesn't matter if you're public sector, private sector, or just a guy with way too much in his basement.

Note that trade-in programs are available for firearms, suppressors, night vision, body armor, and many other categories of equipment. We maintain accounts with industry leading vendors across the US, and would be happy to help you upgrade your organization's public safety equipment.

What we're looking for:

-Large lots of individual equipment and field gear of all kinds
-Large lots of clothing items, footwear, webbed gear etc.
-Lots of firearms, suppressors, machine-guns, ammunition, and accessories
-Lots of PPE equipment (gas masks, respirators, bullet resistant vests, helmets etc.)
-Lots of Night Vision equipment (scopes, intensifier tubes, housings, lasers, mounts etc.)
-Unexpired lots of MREs and field rations
-Unexpired lots medical supplies and equipment

If you have items to move (or know someone who might) drop us a line at help@kommandostore.com