Collab Corner

Small Business & Creator Highlights

One of our core missions on Kommandostore is giving back to the online community that has supported us over the last decade.

To do this, we're partnering with small businesses and creators from all corners of the globe. From signal boosts on social media to full blown collaborative efforts, we want to use our platform (and share platforms with others) to promote and highlight people who deserve it.

Featured products & projects on the Collab Corner update often, so make sure to check in regularly.

Black Triangle

Low Vis, High Quality

Black Triangle is a veteran-owned business that specializes in their Black Triangles and excellent line of holsters.

Since their humble beginnings in a backyard shed in 2017, they've been producing high quality thermoplastic & G10 tools for use in non-permissive environments.

Expanding into kydex holsters in 2021 while still remaining 100% metal free, they've become known for their unique 80s aesthetics and pedigree in martial arts that informs the design of their products.

Since March 2022


Waifus Of Mass Destruction

What if missiles, bombs, and planes were cute anime girls?

Atamonica has been expertly illustrating just that — taking everyone's favorite airframes & ordnances and doing some fanservice for all the weebs and aircraft otaku alike.

Just don't lewd them.

Together we've created incredibly high quality screen print tees, exclusive patch & sticker designs, and concerned many people in public...

Ashen Lilly

A commissioned homage to the Mk. 12 NSW "Recce"

Weaponry & Artistry

Mitch Lillywhite has a degree in Game Art and has been flexing his writing and concept art skills creating "Lotus Eater" along with Delta Magna (another celebrated artist).

Mitch's signature style combines bright cyberpunk colors with organic forms and sinister, otherworldly themes.

His impressive portfolio and attention to detail inspired us to contact him about making the "NSW RECCE" design, and more coming soon...

Rubashka Streetwear

Cold War Streetwear

The name "Rubashka" is simply the English spelling of the Russian word рубашка, a contemporary word for a button up shirt.

It takes a lot nowadays to make a store that exlusively sells high quality merch and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Rubashka does it in a way we really love. Take it from the man himself, "Rubashka is inspired by the industry, militarization, and culture that resulted between these two world powers, which indefinitely shaped the world."

A lot of the same stuff could be said about us. So we certainly got along quickly.

If you like our collaborative release, we highly reccomend looking at his site too...

Kruschiki Supply Co.

Friends In The Business

Like us, Kruschiki Supply Company got bit by the surplus bug quite early on.

What began with a hobby turned into an obsession as their personal collections began to grow. They became fascinated with Eastern Bloc surplus, specializing in sourcing and selling it.

They grew fast, building out their own line of clothing and also snowballed their own following with a slew of viral tweets & other social media shenanigans.

As one could guess, we get along quite well — so we've joined forces for a few projects...

Wild Arms Research & Development

Research & Destruction

Inspired by Philip Luty, Author Jonathan Wild details his journey reverse engineering Legendary weapons.

His 'Expedient' nods to Luty features high-detail images of the project, technical drawings, and history of the weapons in question - the kind of stuff you're not supposed to read.

Every book sold funds Jonathan's ongoing rocketry projects, including his M202 Flash Rocket Launcher, Fliegerfaust, and hypervelocity rocket research.

Blue Falcon Awards

"Stay Belligerent."

In effort to bring humor to the military & veteran community and 'Spread Belligerency,' Blue Falcon Awards is Focused on making parody ranks, medals, badges, and coins.

Even the company’s name — a euphemism for “buddy f**ker” — speaks to the junior enlisted angst that is the beating heart and soul of military culture.

The founders are both Marine Corps veterans: Richard Recio served in the Corps from 2017 to 2021 as an armorer aboard K-Bay Hawaii; and Kevin Bradford served from 2003 to 2007 as a flight Mechanic in Okinawa.