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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for our Customer Service department but want to check here first?

Maybe you're just shy?

Regardless, here are some of the most common questions we get, along with their answers:

I forgot to use my discount code! What do I do?

You can reach out to our live chat or email, and we will retroactively apply the discount or store credit, refunding you the difference.

What size am I in this ancient, foreign sizing system?

Every item with non-standard sizing should have a sizing chart on the product page, but if there are any doubts, our live chat can help find the perfect size for you.

How do I know my surplus will be in good condition?

We manually inspect each article of surplus as it comes in, and when we ship it. If you receive an item of poor condition despite this, our world-class return and exchange policy has you covered.

What if I have a special request, like a certain desired shade of color?

Just leave a note for your order at the checkout page, and your order packer will be informed of your request. We can't guarantee that we can fulfill all requests, but we will genuinely try our best. If it's complex, contact our chat before ordering so we can give the order crew a heads up.

Can I bundle multiple orders to save on shipping?

Yes! Contact us before they have shipped and we will gladly bundle your orders.

When will you have [item/my size] back in stock?

The world of surplus acquisition is a finnicky one. We try to get a healthy variety of items to bring to you and sometimes this means passing on others. Make sure to click the "notify me when back in stock" button on the relevant product page, and if that's not enough, feel free to let us know what you want via our social media accounts!

Have some surplus you want to sell?

There's a good chance we might be interested. Click here for more information.

Not finding what you're looking for?

Feel free to reach out to either our live chat (little bubble in the lower right) or our email