Danish M84 Compression Bag
Danish M84 Compression Bag
Danish M84 Compression Bag
Danish M84 Compression Bag

Danish M84 Compression Bag

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Looking for a quality water-resistant bag for your sleeping bag? Need to conceal and contain a two-month supply of tightie whities? Look to the Danish M84 compression bag. With tough construction, water-resistant coating, and adjustable compression straps, this handy 10-liter sack is great for stashing a change of clothes in the trunk, keeping your sleeping bag dry on rucks, or reducing the volume of your ever-expanding surplus collection.

A quick cinch cord closure with weather cover makes it easy to empty or fill your sack and get back to the trail (or deserted rest-stop).

This item is lovingly finished in Danish M84 (diet Flecktarn B). This camo pairs nicely with Flecktarn, MARPAT, and countless other woodland patterns. M84 was created by reducing the number of colors in Flecktarn B while retaining the disruption pattern, choosing three shades which especially suited the Danish woodlands (and US coniferous forests). This results in a versatile woodland pattern with bonus hipster points.


  • Cinch cord closure
  • 10-liter capacity (~84 sticks of butter)
  • M84 camo (Flecktarn B - brown/black)
  • Durable polyamide construction with PU coating
  • Adjustable compression straps with quick release buckles


Compression bags are in excellent to unissued condition. Bags may show only minor signs of wear at most.

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