Dutch Pioneer Forest Axe
Dutch Pioneer Forest Axe
Dutch Pioneer Forest Axe
Dutch Pioneer Forest Axe

Dutch Pioneer Forest Axe

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Whether you're LARPing as a forest ranger, need an axe to mount on your Willys, or just need to axe someone a question, you'll need an axe. Here's an axe. It's cooler than the ones at the hardware store. It's 0% chinesium. Keep one in your shed. Keep one in your bed. Take it to woods to play. Become a dwarf lord and take it to the Kingdom Under the Mountain. The possibilities are endless.


  • Wood (often painted) handle
  • Forged steel head (can be sharpened, may arrive unsharpened!)
  • 35" Handle 
  • 2 kg head (4 pounds for us who swing our axes WITH FREEDOM)
  • May automatically add Huey Lewis & The News to your Spotify playlists.

General tips on sharpening & maintenance

We've read all the reviews of some of our other axes and we decided to add a couple notes for all you prospecting lumberjacks who'd like to really use this axe for what Paul Bunyan would want.

  • This is a full length "Forest Axe", not to be confused with a "Felling axe" or "splitting axe" — a felling axe typically features a heavier head and long handle and is designed to make the initial hits on big 'ol trees to knock them down. A splitting axe is for what the name implies, splitting wood. These axes are more of a jack of all trades, master of none. the best kind of tool for the woods, if you ask us. 
  • These might arrive on your doorstep unsharpened! You may cause undue stress to the handle or head if you do not sharpen it before use! So what should you do?
    Take it to your local knife sharpener - businesses that literally just do sharpening exists, and they will almost always do axe edges, which are a specific shape that lends itself well to the activity of chopping wood.
    If you'd like to DIY, it's easy to learn and teaches you how to keep it sharp too.  We like using an Axe puck.
  • The handle might need some TLC. - give it a sanding with some fine-grit sandpaper to really soften it up and ensure the axe's head is secure on the top — they have a habit of loosening/getting crooked in transit from god-knows-what surplus warehouse to our warehouse and then again to your door. The head can be adjusted simply by giving it a few love taps with a mallet to further secure it.
  • Alternatively Replace the handle outright if you want. Even if the head needed some major work, it's going to last a lot longer than the handle!
  • Learn how to swing it. No really, look at videos about proper form so you don't use the wrong muscles and/or put stress on the wrong part of the axe. Then you can impress the ladies with your manly, flannel-wearing lumberjack skills without having to invest in any sort of monthly "Beard Oil" loot box schemes.


Forest Axes are in good, usable condition. May show signs of wear such as minor patches of surface corrosion, dents or dings to the handle and/or axe head.

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