Mestel Safety P3 NATO Filter

Mestel Safety P3 NATO Filter

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This standard NATO-threaded filter made by Mestel Safety features a hefty P3 rating that trivializes the hazards of many household project particulates, viruses, mists, fumes, and dust.

While it's not intended for use against chemical agents, it (paired up with a full-face protective respirator) can still be your best friend during home projects that deal with fumes, dust, or other airborne particulates. If you live in high-risk brushfire areas, it can also act as a means of protecting your respiratory system during "shelter-in-place" or evacuation scenarios in conjunction with a full-face respirator.

Re-usability & How to recognize end of service life

The end of this filter's service life is generally recognizable by a noticeable taste or smell of the contaminant, an increased breathing resistance and combination of the two - a variety of factors can change how long this filter lasts, including breathing rate of the user, temperature, air humidity, and contaminant concentration.

The user should replace the filter when they begin to perceive the smell or taste of the dangerous substance or in case of irritation, or when respiratory resistance becomes too high.

These filters are marked 'R' for reusable, meaning they can continue to be used at their rating until the end of their service life (as noted above). 

What does 'P3' mean?

This filter has a P3-rated particulate filter that filters 99.95% of airborne particles such as:

  • particulates generated by mechanical processes like grinding, cutting & sanding
  • biologically active airborne particles such as COVID-19 & SARS, viruses, and bacteria
  • sub-micron thermally generated particles from welding, fertilizer, and brushfire smoke
  • Highly toxic particles like insecticides, radionuclides, and Asbestos


  • Standard 40mm NATO threading fits on a vast majority of gas masks on the market
  • non-woven glass fiber fabric filter
  • 'P3' rated particulate resistance
  • Weight: 92 grams (3.2 oz)
  • Shelf life: 10 years when sealed in factory packaging
  • Comes in factory packaging with technical sheet

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