Flecktarn Condition and Date Range Guide


For this example we'll use the Flecktarn parka. The same standards are applied to other Flecktarn items.

  • Unissued: These unissued parkas are in immaculate, factory-new condition and have never been worn or laundered.
  • Great aka "Collector's": These parkas will be in like-new to great condition.They have been issued, but there should be no tears, broken parts, fading, or noticeable wear.
  • Weathered aka "Good": Functionally intact with no tears or broken parts. Weathered parkas have been issued and show signs of use like wear or fading. This is visually similar to "broken-in" jeans.


Flecktarn comes in two, slightly different color variants.

  • Pre-2005: The classic five color pattern everyone thinks about when they hear Flecktarn: vibrant and robust.
    • Pre-2005 variants: Sometime during the 90s, Germany was in high demand for BDUs. So it contracted a handful of different companies for manufacture. Because of this construction is identical, but color is not. With the amount of different batches being produced by different printing equipment, the tone of the five colors varies from company to company. See picture #7 for a display of parkas of different tones compared to each other.
  • Post-2005: In 2005, the five colors of Flecktarn were altered into more muted tones. Since then, the colors have stayed free of variation. Every parka made since 2005 features this muted version of Flecktarn. See picture #8 for a photo of the camo.