Gas Mask Care Guide

To clean your Gas mask:

Gather a rag, bucket, soapy water, cotton balls, and the mask in a clean space. For soap, we highly recommend something ammonia based like Windex or generic glass cleaner. Do not use alcohol, as it dries out rubber.

  1. First remove any filters attached. You don’t clean filters, you replace them.
  2. Soak your rag in the soapy water and wipe off the large parts of the mask. Rub away dirt, grime, particles and anything else that shouldn’t be there.
  3. Next soak the cotton balls in the soapy water and rub the inside of the glass, around the nose piece and anywhere your mouth sets on the rubber. Make sure to get behind the folded edges and everywhere else. Wipe off the buckles and straps too. Leave your gas mask in a cool place out of the sun to dry and you are all set to head back into the zone, the job-site, or whatever unsavory airspace you happen to find yourself in.