The Gondola Plush Family

Who or what is Gondola?

Gondola exists in our realm of the internet like songbirds exist outside your kitchen window.

Wherever you find him, Gondola's presence radiates calm, joyful energy. This purity of spirit makes him a universal ambassador of good will. He has no direct tie to any denomination or following—instead Gondola travels our world, putting on new costumes and trying new things.

Gondola's existence is simple, but he is a remarkable friend. He will go anywhere you take him, and he is always happy to see you.

The OG Gondola

Our Classic 1' tall Gondola dubbed "medium Gondola" by many.

He Fits, He Sits

His poseable legs and weighted bottom make him a sitting savant.

He can tuck up small for easy travel too!

Fancy Footwork

His weighted feet swing and dance around cheerfully.

An absolute fiend on the dance floor

Good Lookin' Fella

Gondola's been working on himself a little bit.

He's been hitting leg day for more filled out calves and grooming his iconic snoot to be bigger and flatter

Fits In Anywhere

He loves to travel with you — take him with you wherever you go!

A truly cultured individual

The Family Reunion

Starter packs of gondolas for every occasion.

Everything you need for a gondola on the go or in your home.

Big Man On Campus

Holy fugg :DDDD He's HUEG!!1!1

Big Gondola is in town and ready to be stuffed in your door - a towering six feet of friendliness, he's the perfect life-sized friend for your home

Six Feet of fun

Big Guy

Very big, very soft, and has very long legs.

Really fun to tie in a pretzel

Cute To the Bone

Poseable skeleton allows you to bend his legs to sit like our other gondolas.

He really likes piggy back rides.

Stuffed With Good Stuff

Side zipper allows for stuffing maintenance and stowage.

Allows for Gondola-ception, if you will.

The Cutest Thing On Two Legs

A truckload of friends, ready to be adopted by you and taken with on all of your adventures.

Little Guy, Big Personality

Happy Feet

As Grandpa used to say, "The legs make the Gondola." Our miniature friend has weighted, swinging feet - ready to dash, dance, and dangle.

Major League Sitter

Bendy thighs allow Gondola to sit and pose just about anywhere. He's a consummate professional.

Pocket Sized

Gondola stands 3.5 inches high and weighs just 0.2 ounces. This makes him small enough to ride along anywhere.

Ready to Ride

A removeable clip accommodates any adventure. From backpacks to rear-view mirrors.