Feel The HEAT


Close and Comfortable

Our design fits close, keeping 8lbs of magazines tight and secure against the body. And thanks to excellent adjustibility, there's a size for (nearly) everyone.

Picture Perfect

It looks, feels and fits exactly how you'd expect. Just grab a roomy suit jacket, throw on a tie, and you're dressed for the occasion.

Fully Functional

Mags are securely retained and quick to accessjust twist and pull. Nearly all standard capacity AR15 pattern magazines are supported.

Return Policy

We're confident you'll love your rig, but if you change your mind before we ship, we'll refund your deposit. After delivery, you're covered by our full 30 day return policy.

What is HEAT?

The blockbuster behind our project

Big Screen Tactical

That One Scene

The Heat Rig

Over the years the bank heist sequence also gained recognition for it's props. Specifically the concealable vest used by De Niros' crew.

Fans of the film all react the same way when they see it: "OK, I need that. Badly." And we can't blame them. The 'Heat' rig reflects the sort of improvised proto-tactical that inspired a generation of modern webbing we take for granted today.

Materials Matter

No movie magic here, it's as good as it looks.

Structural Mesh

Our custom-run mesh has the perfect balance of flexibility & firmness.

The thin, supportive material conceals well, breathes easily, and naturally moves with your body.

Smart Sizing

Our strapping mimics modern soft amor, with flat elastic webbing that conceals well and won't catch on cover garments.

Unlike 'lace corset' designs, our vest wont loosen or tangle.

Made in the USA

Our rig is cut and sewn in the USA by an experienced Berry compliant manufacturer.

We use U.S. made materials for consistent, top-notch quality.