Heat Rig Sizing System

The heat rig's sizing system is very simple, with two sizes to choose from. If you wish, you can simply go with your US shirt size and you'll likely be set.

  S/M L/XL
Abdomen Measurement 30 - 44" 38 - 55" 

The hook and loop straps allow for a large range of adjustment, and adjust similarly to a plate carrier. For best results, start by fitting the rig to your abdomen so that the bottom of the rig slightly overlaps with your belt. From there, either have a friend adjust the shoulders for ride height or use a mirror for reference. With enough trial and error, you'll get a perfect fit.

For fitting underneath a suit, a suit jacket will require an additional 4-7" of room around your abdomen. For best results, measure your abdomen with the rig donned & full of magazines, or take your rig into a suit shop (just don't make a scene, lol)