Pattern 83 Chest Rig Fitting Guide

Proper fit is achieved by adjusting the straps as shown below using the included sliders.

Pay attention to the position of the padded straps, ensuring they sit high on the back of the wearer as shown. This places the padding in the correct position to protect the wearer.

To don the rig, hold the shoulder straps in the crossed position and insert your head and arms as if you were putting on a shirt. Then tighten the straps to fit.

To quickly doff the rig first unbuckle the waist belt. Then “swim out” by grabbing your left shoulder strap with your right hand and pulling it over your head. Repeat this procedure using your left hand to grab the right shoulder strap and pull it over your head. The rig is now completely free from your body.

A common rookie mistake is attempting to remove the rig by reversing the donning procedure. When this rig is loaded the weight of magazines and equipment makes this awkward. With a moment’s practice you’ll find the “swim out” method is much faster.

Important sizing note:

The abdomen strap on the original Pattern 83 Rig was a common complaint we received from selling the surplus ones, and is something we directly addressed in the redesign. The rig will fit midriffs up to approximately 43-44", equivalent to a 2XL Walmart/Target tee or a 3XL standard tee. If you need more room, an extender strap is available for purchase separately.

SADF Field Manual
We are hosting a digital copy of the original SADF field manual containing adjustment, handling and maintenance information on the entire P83 system. To view the manual click here. Chest Rig usage information can be found on pages A3, A9-A11, and A27-A33.