Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask
Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask

Avon C50 CBRN Gas Mask

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A copy of the US Military's M50 mask made available to more general audiences.

It's without a doubt one of the best all-encompassing gas masks on the market, and to make some of our customers feel old, it's design already been in service for nearly 20 years.

Unlike the USA's M50, the C50 uses the widely available STANAG 4155 DIN 40mm threaded filter cartridges, making it ideal for anyone who's sitting on a stockpile of filters but wants to upgrade their mask. 

It's low profile goggle-shaped eye piece is specifically designed to cooperate well with ballistic helmets and allow easier (but not fantastic) night vision device compatibility. Because of this, the head harness is extremely comfortable with few pressure points induced by helmet use, and features a lycra cradle. 

In addition to headborne compatibility, it's easily compatible with gasmask-comms integrations like the Disco32 DGMA so you can xbox-lobby smack talk everyone on your frequency and breathe in P100-filtered air.

While it might not have the charm of some of the bug-eyed classics out there, it's without a doubt one of the best gas masks money can buy in the 2020s...


  • Made by Avon Protection
  • Clone of US M50/JSGPM
  • Compatible with STANAG 4155 DIN 40mm threaded gas mask cartridges
  • Comfortable low profile head harness with lycra cradle
  • Swappable goggle-shaped outsert
  • Compatible with popular high-cut b
  • Compatible with gas mask communications integrations such as the Disco32 DGMA
  • Chlorobutyl rubber-silicone facepiece
  • Reflex facial seal with moisture drainage


As with most other gas masks we've sold, the best we can say is the size that fits is the size that fits. There isn't any exact measurements, but we've found most adult men fit in a medium or large, with small being for women or those with smaller heads. Sounds obvious, right? 

A particular note about these is that in addition to the rubber facepiece being sized, the nasal cup is also distinctly different across the models. Optical inserts for glasses will fit in any modal as they're universally sized, as will aftermarket outserts.


Gas Masks are in unissued condition, in original packaging and bag with manual. Does not include carrier, extra outsert, or filter.

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