Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee
Bradley IFV Tee

Bradley IFV Tee

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The Bradley IFV, or just the Bradley is an up-armored tracked infantry transport and support vehicle. It sports anti-tank capabilities, the 25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun, an M240C machine gun, and 700 horsepower (to keep up with the M1 Abrams, allegedly) — does it get more American than that?

The stories of the successes of the Bradley in a modern combat setting are plentiful and almost unbelievable, being designed all the way back in the mid 60s and still being used to this day in Ukraine to much success. For instance, in the Gulf War, the Bradley destroyed more Iraqi armored vehicles than the M1 Abrams. In the war in Ukraine, a viral video circulated of two M2A2 Bradleys taking down a Russian T-90M tank, one of the most feared modern MBTs on the planet.

We love this little tank that can, and if you're a big nerd like us you might also enjoy the optional and quite thicc gunnery manual as a physical copy. It contains so much information that it'd be hard to summarize here, but our favorite section in particular has to do with how to take down paratroopers with the 25mm M242. It's hilarious.



  • High-fidelity print on an American Apparel 1301 blank
  • Special printing technique allows for full range of colors and lasting quality after washes
  • Impress everyone, you're arriving in a Bradley IFV

Field Manual

  • 508 Pages
  • Matte Laminate Cover
  • Letter Size Pages (8.5" x 11")

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