D-lead Hand and Body Soap

D-lead Hand and Body Soap

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Guns are dangerous. And I mean more than just 'shoot yourself in the foot' dangerous, I mean erectile dysfunction dangerous.

Lead-based ammunition is the second largest use of lead in the United States. Lead is released at nearly every stage of firing a gun. When you fire a round, the combustion vaporizes lead used in primers and the bullet as it travels down the barrel. At the other end of the range, large amounts of lead are thrown out from bullet splash and target spalling. This is by far the highest concentration of lead, and a big risk of exposure, especially for anyone who has to collect targets and casings after shooting.

Lead can easily be inhaled or ingested without even realizing. Once in the body it gets into the bloodstream, and from there into organs and bones where it can be stored for decades. Lead poisoning affects everyone differently. It can be fast and aggressive, or slow with few noticeable symptoms and is known to cause neurological issues like mood disorders, memory lapses, and even the dreaded wang dangle.

Once you are poisoned, removing lead from the body is difficult and often ineffective for large quantities. Keeping the lead from getting inside your body is the best way to prevent poisoning, and that means making sure it’s not covering the outside of your body.

Regular soaps are great for cleaning off dirt and grease, but they don’t quite cut it when it comes to lead and heavy metals. Heavy metals have a sticky, static charge that holds them to surfaces like skin. Most soaps don’t break this bond, instead, just smearing the metals around rather than pulling it off the skin. D-Lead Hand & Body Soap breaks the static bond and lift the particles up off the surface, allowing water to rinse it away. In tests, D-Lead Hand Soap have been shown to remove about 99% of lead from skin, while regular soaps only remove around 70%. As the lead is removed, it is also altered by the solution to be easier for wastewater treatment facilities to remove, so there’s no quarrels about washing that lead down the drain.

Lead poisoning is a serious matter that we all often overlook. It’s easy to just rinse off the gunpowder on your hands and call it good, but it’s not that simple. The lead you carry doesn't just harm you, it can harm your friends, family, and anyone you interact with, especially children. It’s like wiping your shoes, it just takes a minute, but you don’t want to track dirt on the nice carpet.


  • Removes: Lead, chromium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, silver, zinc and other metals
  • Moisturizing and conditioning Glycerin

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