Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee
Denel Land Systems Tee

Denel Land Systems Tee

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Our graphic tees & hoodies are custom printed in the USA with high quality custom blended inks or an advanced direct-to-garment printing process that ensures quality, lasting designs. 

Garments may have a slight odor due to the nature of the printing process when brand new, and we always recommend washing before wearing.

The easiest way to ensure the print stays intact and vibrant is to turn them inside out, and machine wash them on cold. After that, simply tumble dry on low heat

With deep roots arming the SADF, Denel SOC Ltd. (Formerly LIW, Lyttleton Ingenieurswerke) is a Government-owned conglomerate responsible for the procurement of weapons and vehicles for SANDF.

As LIW they supplied the SADF with the Vektor R4, a rugged and reliable IMI Galil clone, and many of their other primary service weapons. But their true impact comes in the form of some of their stranger platforms.

Featured on our design:

  •  Starting from the top, The Vektor CP1 is known infamously for it's safety recall wherein it was declared "the gun should not be loaded under any circumstances". Regardless, it made its cultural mark being featured as a futuristic handgun in ghost in the shell and heavily modified in the fifth element. It's round & curvy designs are truly a time capsule of the design languages of the late 90s, and would fit right in with a pair of narrow, silver sunglasses, a Neo-esque trench coat, and a minidisc player complete with on-ear headphones.
  • The NTW-20 is a truly insane Anti-materiel rifle, weighing in the 70 pound range and firing a variety of large caliber munitions out of it's nearly 50" barrel taken off of an existing vehicle-mounted autocannon. It can also be disassembled and carried by two men for transportation without the need for special tools. It's service began for the South African National Defense Force in 1998, intended for deployment against parked vehicles, communication installations, bunkers, and yes, personnel. If it's design looks familiar, you may be a fan of the HALO series, where it was directly cloned as the SRS99C. New Mombasa was in Kenya, after all.
  • The Vektor CR-21 is another strange design much like the CP1. It was part of the mid-late 90s move by many militaries to start experimenting with bullpup rifles, and uses a similar action to the R4, making its loaded weight a modest 8 pounds. It mainly was featured with a 1x magnification sight with a no-battery reticle, and it had the ability to accept other optics.
  • Lastly, the Neopup PAW-20 was a semi-automatic 20mm grenade launcher, featuring either a 7 round box magazine or a 6 round rotary magazine. It's strangest feature is it's "pistol grip" on the side of the weapon, intended to greatly reduce felt recoil and allow the user to fire from around or under cover without swapping hands.


Our tees are built on the Hanes Beefy-T for their durability, comfort, and timeless fit. Please see the Sizing Chart page for more information. 

Although the shirts are technically unisex, the Beefy-T is cut for a male wearer and may appear baggy and long on women. The shirt will shrink slightly during the first wash. After this it should fit true to size.


Our tees are printed using high quality industry-leading equipment in the USA. 

The Hanes Beefy-T is constructed of 100% cotton, with slightly heavier-than-average fabric weight for durability and comfort.

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