Specialty Defense AOR1 BALCS RBAV Armor Carrier
Specialty Defense AOR1 BALCS RBAV Armor Carrier

Specialty Defense AOR1 BALCS RBAV Armor Carrier

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The RBAV (Release Body Armor Vest) is an armor carrier that still sees current use, and is one of the most modular systems of its kind we've ever seen.

Starting with the payload of these carriers, the front pockets can be used with BALCS & SPEAR soft armor inserts as well as the much more common (and cheap) SAPI plates. Using a combination of the two is also possible, with an incredible capacity for ballistic protection unlike many other carriers on the market.

On the front of the carrier near the users collar is a quick-release system that allows the user to doff the carrier in an emergency, which could be anything from decontamination & emergency aid to just falling off the boat and not wanting to sink like a stone.

The maritime version also has the advantage of having continuous PALS webbing on the front allowing for the attachment of a lot of MOLLE pouches & accessories. The cummerbund is a thick elastic band with large hook & loop fields that run underneath, and is extremely comfortable. The shoulders are well padded to accommodate heavier loads & manage cables & wires with ease. There's so much PALS webbing on this thing you'll probably never run out of room to attach more pouches.

You'll appreciate details like a drag handle that sticks down to a small hook & loop panel so it doesn't get caught in a snag, and the entire interior of the vest is a breathable mesh to allow water to escape during maritime operations & enhance breathability.

The MIC really knocked it out of the park with this one, it’s easy to see why it’s still deployed when you need to roll heavy.


Most plate carriers are sized according to which type of SAPI plate you're running. This plate carrier is the same. If it's your first plate carrier, we recommend purchasing the correct size plates first and then matching your carrier size. If you plan to use BALCS soft armor inserts instead of plates, use the same insert size as the carrier you plan to use. In this application:

Small - fits small SAPI/ESAPI plates

Medium (by far the most common) - fits Medium SAPI/ESAPI plates OR 10x12" Shooter/Swimmer Cut plates

Large -  fits Large SAPI/ESAPI plates

Extra Large -  fits Large SAPI/ESAPI plates



Unissued: Carrier is in factory new, unissued condition.

Excellent: Carrier is in excellent condition with minor to no stains, blems, and absolutely no tears, rips, cuts, or holes. All hardware is 100% functional.

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