End of Days Gumball Machine (Free Mask Edition)

End of Days Gumball Machine (Free Mask Edition)

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Welcome back to the Gumball Machine, KommandoStore’s one of a kind, RNG-driven clearance event.

This May we are very happy to bring back the Gumball Machine with a healthy stock of new surplus and personal protective equipment.

About the Sale

The Gumball Machine is simple and driven by pure chance. We select a bunch of items for clearance, publish the odds, and distribute them randomly as you order. No special requests for items are honored, it's all down to what the random number generator says...

In the end, everyone walks away a winner — we get to empty our shelves, and you get amazing deals and weird one-offs from our warehouse.

Please note that this is a clearance event. Returns are not accepted on Gumball orders.

A Special Note on Sizing & Condition

Sized Gumball items will be distributed randomly unless specifically stated otherwise in the description below. You are free to request certain sizes of items in your order notes but we can make no guarantees of availability.

Unless stated otherwise Gumball items are either new or in Grade 1 (excellent) condition.

Current Bonuses

Every single gumball product purchased comes with a free 3-ply mask. That means if you buy 10 gumballs, you get 10 masks completely free, plus extra bonuses for multi-balls.

Gumballs Bounus
1 3-ply
3 Above + Free Quarantine Sticker
5 Above + Cat Face bonus mask
10 Above + Signed Bag of zibby
25 Above + Letter and art from the warehouse crew
50 Above + $30 gift card


The Gumball Process

Below you will find the table of available items in the Gumball Machine, each with a corresponding percentile chance. Gumball Machine items are determined through the following RNG system — no requests for specific items are allowed.

Let’s say you have your eye on a particular item and want to calculate your chance of getting it, at least once, across multiple Gumballs. The formula for this is:

1 - ( 1 - % Chance) ^ (# of Chances)

If item A has a 20% chance per Gumball, and you purchase three Gumballs, here's how it would shake out. Your chance at item A is equal to:

1 - (1 - 0.20)^3 = 0.488

In other words, your chance at item A is 48.8%

Note: To use this formula you need to express the percentage chance in decimal form. The 20% chance in the formula above is written as "0.20" not "20."

Happy hunting and may RNGesus bless you!

Item Probability
"Good" Condition KS90 Boots (GEN I) 7.31%
"Good" Condition KS90 Boots (GEN II) 7.31%
Ameriqual Apack Ready Meal 7.31%
West German Bundeswehr Sewing Kit (x3) 7.31%
Dupont Pathogen Rated Tychem Suit 2XL 7.31%
German "Post War" Wool Scarf 2.78%
Grade 2 M84 Danish Civil Defense Jacket 5.12%
"Stripped" MSA G2 Millenium Mask (Missing Parts) 3.95%
"Stripped" Scott M95 Mask (Missing Parts) 3.65%
SCOTT CAP1 CBRN Filter 3.65%
Scott Pro 2000 PF10 P3 Particulate Filter (P100 Equivalent) 3.65%
Bundeswehr 'Pajama' Shirt 3.65%
1 x Bag Dark Chocolate Zibby Beans 3.65%
1 x Bag Milk Chocolate Zibby Beans 3.65%
Random Patch (x3) 3.65%
KommandoStore Notebook (x4) 3.65%
1st Choice Exam Gloves (Box of 100) 3.65%
East German Cold Weather Balaclava 2.19%
[Blem] Versengtarn 'Lite' Parka 1.54%
East German Combat Pack 1.46%
Bundeswehr OD Short Sleeve Shirt (x2)
Child Soldier Sized Czech Linen Shirt 1.39%
Grade 2 Austrian Ranger Boots 1.17%
Warehouse Artifacts 1.46%
25$ KommandoStore Gift Card 0.73%
US Desert "Choco Chip" Tire Cover (x4) 0.73%
Battle-Damaged Bundeswehr Tropentees (x2) 0.44%
Battle-Damaged Bundeswehr Tricot Shirt (x2) 0.44%
Grade 2 French F1 Backpack 0.44%
German BGS Fur-Lined Parka 0.44%
Battle-Damaged Swiss Leather Gaiters 0.44%
Used Waxi Boots 0.37%
Battle-Damaged Versengtarn Field Shirt 0.37%
Battle-Damaged Austrian ANZUG 03 Pants 0.29%
Battle-Damaged Flecktarn Shirt 0.29%
East German Wool Boot Socks 0.29%
Czech M60 Long Jacket 0.29%
50$ KommandoStore Gift Card 0.29%
Battle-Damaged Acidtarn Field Shirt 0.22%
Grade 2 East German Shelter Half 0.22%
Grade 2 Austrian M59 'Alpine' Boots 0.22%
German Black Balaclava 0.22%
Battle-Damaged Czech M60 Jacket 0.15%
SADF Nutria Mesh Scarf 0.15%
Battle-Damaged SADF P83 Chest Rig 0.07%
Battle-Damaged SADF P83 Battle Jacket 0.07%
Grade 2 Austrian ANZUG 03 Field Shirt 0.07%
Grade 2 East German RPK Pouch 0.07%
Modular Polizei Parka 0.07%
Battle-Damaged Flecktarn Parka 0.07%
Battle-Damaged Flecktarn Pants 0.07%
Battle-Damaged MSA Voice Amplifier 0.07%
Incomplete Swiss Shoe Kit 0.07%
Grade 2 MSA Phalanx Mask 0.07%
Free Domestic Shipping For 10 Years
Battle-Damaged MSA Firehawk Voice Amplifier 0.07%
100$ KommandoStore Gift Card 0.07%
Battle-Damaged SADF P83 Grootsak 0.07%


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1594 Reviews
Reviewed by Joshua S.
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Pleasantly suprised

I find this and every related sale to be one of the few things to bring joy and excitement to an otherwise tense and menial existence

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Reviewed by Colin S.
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I recommend this product
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All I got was a dirty old VZ95 field jacket,

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Reviewed by Michael O.
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Pretty cool

Cool idea cool surprises

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Reviewed by Chris L.
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I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
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Great Balls

Like with the first one I did, I got great products from my balls.

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Reviewed by Scott J.
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I’m itching for more

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