Ka-137 UAV Atamonica Hoodie
Ka-137 UAV Atamonica Hoodie
Ka-137 UAV Atamonica Hoodie
Ka-137 UAV Atamonica Hoodie

Ka-137 UAV Atamonica Hoodie

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  • Pre-Sale — Ships Late November

Our graphic tees & hoodies are custom printed in the USA with high quality custom blended inks or an advanced direct-to-garment printing process that ensures quality, lasting designs. 

Garments may have a slight odor due to the nature of the printing process when brand new, and we always recommend washing before wearing.

The easiest way to ensure the print stays intact and vibrant is to turn them inside out, and machine wash them on cold. After that, simply tumble dry on low heat

>Tfw no Ka-137 loudly taking videos of you behind your back
>She will never play Arma II with you


What's that loud 2-stroke noise in the sky? it's our latest collaborative release with Atamonica, Kamov Ka-137 chan! 

Using high quality inks and our favorite US based print shop, we're able to achieve an incredible level of detail, color, and quality. And unlike cheaper 'direct-to-garment' printing methods, our screen print will stand the test of time.

It's the perfect way to make new friends in public places, seriously concern your immediate family, and W O R S H I P  T H E  S P H E R E 


These hoodies are relaxed-fit, meaning you'll probably want to stick to your US shirt size unless you're an oversized-hoodie-enjoyer. If you're on the upper end of your US shirt size, definitely size up as these will shrink slightly in the wash.


Our hoodies are screen printed on Independent trading co hooded sweatshirts with quality, custom-blended inks in the USA. 

Our most common questions to our customer service department are about our pre-order and pre-sale products. To clarify exactly what each term we use on the site means, we've broken it down for you:


While the design is complete, production has not yet begun. For a limited time, any size/configuration will be available.

After production has begun, there will only be a limited stock of each size available.

Naturally, these products take longer than our standard shipping estimate to get to you — the product will note approximately how long it will be before it ships.

All pre-orders can be canceled at any time for a full refund prior to them being shipped to you.


Inventory is already in production, and you're reserving the item ahead of time.

"Pre Sales" also mean there is limited inventory available to reserve. If it's sold out, it's sold out.

At any point in time before we ship it to you, the item is 100% refundable.

After it ships to you, you're covered by our 30-day return policy.

In either a pre-order or presale, In the event of a delay or a change in delivery schedule, we will reach out to you with an update email so you know when you can expect your item.

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