Man Portable Air Defense System: 'Fliegerfaust' By Jonathan Wild
Man Portable Air Defense System: 'Fliegerfaust' By Jonathan Wild
Man Portable Air Defense System: 'Fliegerfaust' By Jonathan Wild

Man Portable Air Defense System: 'Fliegerfaust' By Jonathan Wild

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About The Author

Jonathan Wild is a British / American Author with a passion in Firearms and history. Jonathan Started Wild Arms Research and Development in 2017 when he had a few firearm designs he wished to prototype. These included a patented electronic ignition system for the AR-15 pattern rifles designed for a semi-caseless ammunition similar to the volcanic rounds or more recently, the 9mm Aupo ammunition.

While the patent was granted, Jonathan realized funding prototypes was difficult for such a small operation and limited skills.

After several years of working on these projects, Jonathan decided to get into Destructive Devices and similar launchers, and found the market was underdeveloped. He built his first launcher, the Panzerfaust, and wrote this book about his experiences and the history of the weapon.

Book Summary

In the dying days of World War 2, the pure desperation to save the Nazi regime led German scientists to create the most bizarre and revolutionary weapons. Some of those weapons would go on to become mainstay weapons in the modern military. Although at the timer their effectiveness varied depending on when they were developed and in how many numbers, the designs were years ahead of their time. One of these was known as the "Fliegerfaust" or "Luftfaust" losely trasnlating to "Pilot Fist" or "Air Fist". This weapon system would be one of the first ever purpose-built Man Portable AIr Defense Systems (MANPADS). It would launch nine 20mm High Explosive rockets at low flying allied aircraft in the last days of the war. This book sets out to dive into the fascinating history, along with other similar weapon systems, and the creation a fully functional replica with launchable rockets. With no surviving footage or photos of these launchers firing, the author hopes to give insight of what these weapons were capable of and how they may have looked in combat...


  • 10.75" x 8.75"
  • Includes limited edition sticker
  • Glossy paperback
  • Full color pages
  • Sales (and signed copies) benefit Wild Arms Research & Development LLC
  • For academic study only


Safety, Legal, and Political Disclaimers

The information contained in this book is incredibly dangerous for anyone trying to recreate what they have seen. Any failure may result in injury or death. It is strongly discouraged to recreate any aspect shown in the book. This book is intended for academic study only.

The Author is not an expert in any topic covered in this book or anything else in life (quote: him in the book, we're not dissing the guy we love him). The information presented in the book may contain inaccuracies and should be treated as such.

The author, publisher, and KommandoStore does not assume any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the contents of this book.

As with dealing with all weapons, proper legal due diligence should be done. Everything shown in this book was legally manufactured while being in full compliance of all local, state, and federal laws.

The device shown in this book was legally registered before BATF as a destructive device with ammunition complying with all legal requirements stated on BATF's website.

The author, publisher, and KommandoStore does not condone or support any political ideology that uses violence or intimidation to achieve their goals.

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