MSA 40mm NATO Riot Canister
MSA 40mm NATO Riot Canister
MSA 40mm NATO Riot Canister

MSA 40mm NATO Riot Canister

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These are expired CBRN canisters made by MSA. Originally, this filter (P/N 818264) would allow for MSA respirators (or any other 40mm respirators) to gain NIOSH 2C-14G-0270 and NHHS approval for protection in atmospheres containing CN & CS Gas commonly used in riot control applications, and filter out particulates under 42 CFR 84 P100 classification.

The sealed filters are expired so we can't guarantee these filters against chemical weapons due to oxidation of the internal filler. However, the P100 particulate filter is still good. Unlike the chemical warfare countermeasures the P100 component is just a HEPA filter. It doesn't stop working until you clog it with trapped particulateIn essence, this is just a heavier, cheaper P100 filter. With a bonus roll for chemical resistance.


  • Compatible with all respirators that accept 40mm style filters
  • For display or training purposes only


Canisters are unsealed, and likely expired. For this reason, we can only recommend them for display or training purposes only.

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