Night Vision Cleaning and Calibration Services
Night Vision Cleaning and Calibration Services

Night Vision Cleaning and Calibration Services

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Available to US Customers Only: All ITAR Regulations Apply

KommandoStore is excited to offer full end to end service for any mono or dual night vision device. One flat fee, no hassle.

How it works

Upon placing your order and completing our ITAR compliance forms, we'll mail you protective packaging and prepaid postage for your components. From there our service department will be with you each step of the way until the freshly assembled device is safe in your hands.

Our Offerings in Detail

[Nitrogen Purging]

Why Purge?

Most people wouldn't drive to work every day on flat tires, but a shocking amount of people treat their night vision this way. Nitrogen keeps dust, condensation, and water outside the unit where it belongs. Failing to regularly purge your device needlessly compromises it's function, leading to image quality issues and parts failures.

Every 90-180 Days

If you use your night vision devices more than 75 hours per year, you need semi-annual purging. And if they're exposed to harsh conditions and temperature swings, you may need to purge every quarter.

Absolutely Painless

With the right equipment and training, purging is quick, effective, and affordable. But it's not something you can do in the field. Don't wait until your device fogs over to get a purge.

[Factory Servicing]

Full Physical

Our comprehensive service starts with the complete disassembly of your device. Each component is inspected and function checked. This identifies damaged and missing components before they cause issues.

Clean as a Whistle

Since dust can settle and shake loose, we clean your lenses along with every other piece of your device. We use the correct, precision tools in a clean, anti-static environment.

Infinity Focus

Locking rings can creep over time. Checking and re-calibrating your infinity focus is an essential part of any complete service, and ensures annoyance-free operation of your unit.

Measured Collimation

Precise adjustments to the horizontal and vertical alignment of your optic are necessary to prevent eye strain and ensure optical quality. This time consuming step is often skipped by less scrupulous vendors, especially with monocular devices.


Models currently supported by KS:
  • PVS-14 and its derivatives (MiNi-14, MUM-14, AB NightVision Pitbull, Vyper-14, Hyper-14)
  • BNVD-1431
  • PVS-15 / M953
  • SNVG
  • AB NightVision MOD3 family
  • Monocular or binocular units
  • AB NightVision RNVG
  • ANVIS 6
  • ANVIS 9
  • PVS-5, variants A, B and C
  • PVS-7, variants A, B, C and D
Models subject to additional lead times:
  • PVS-31
  • PVS-23
  • PVS-18
  • M911 family
  • Armasight BNVD
  • Anything else

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