North Hollywood Shootout Vinyl Sticker

North Hollywood Shootout Vinyl Sticker

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  • 3" x 6"

An homage to the early bootlegs and shoddily-put-together compilations of the fateful day, the Hollywood shootout really was something only Hollywood could produce. 

The eventful robbery-gone-wrong with heavily armed assailants would go to change the minds of every law enforcement outfit in the US to favor carrying a little more firepower, namely the AR-15.

Once it was normalized in law enforcement, the idea also began to trickle down into the civilian world too — a "Murphy's Law" incident like this taking place after the assault weapons ban certainly didn't look good to gun enthusiasts and those on the fence.


  • Durable vinyl resists scratches, water, and sunlight
  • Matte finish
  • Adhesive backing
  • 3" x 6"

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