Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask
Polish MP-4 Gas Mask

Polish MP-4 Gas Mask

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Do you dream of navigating the haunting landscapes of the exclusion zone, facing off against the Monolith forces... Or need some protection for walking around downtown San Francisco? The Polish MP-4 "Bulldog" gas mask is fit for the task and definitely not a communist copy of the US M17. How dare you spout such capitalist nonsense....

This gas mask, which was standard issue for the Polish military during the chilly times of the Cold War, featured similar cheek filters as its inspiration-- the M17. The MP-4 has some slight differences compared to its American brother, with slightly farther apart lenses, a silver lens frames, voice diagram, and a slightly less pronounced nose. Originally produced in an olive-green rubber the newer production versions featured here came in a gray color scheme.

While we can’t say the MP-4 Bulldog is useful beyond collector purposes it will certainly give off a nice end times vibe if the Wuhan Institute of Virology ever decides to release C*VID: Part Two Electric Boogaloo (Reloaded). We promise it looks way sexier than any questionably effective N95 masks. Prepare to grapple with the figurative anomalies of our world, or pseudo-scientific phenomena. Call it gear. Call it memorabilia. Just don't call it impractical.


  • Includes mask, bag and filter
  • Adjustable six point rubber strap system
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag 
  • New filters
  • Replacement lenses
  • Gas mask port caps
  • Anti-fog solution


Gas Masks are in excellent to unissued condition, with all components included, and no tears, cuts, or holes on the mask. Masks may have talcum powder present from storage, which can easily be washed off with hot water and soap.

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