RIP Doge Tee - Ltd. Edition
RIP Doge Tee - Ltd. Edition

RIP Doge Tee - Ltd. Edition

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Our graphic tees & hoodies are custom printed in the USA with high quality custom blended inks or an advanced direct-to-garment printing process that ensures quality, lasting designs. 

Garments may have a slight odor due to the nature of the printing process when brand new, and we always recommend washing before wearing.

The easiest way to ensure the print stays intact and vibrant is to turn them inside out, and machine wash them on cold. After that, simply tumble dry on low heat

Doge is still perhaps one of the longest-lived memes on the contemporary internet as we know it, being used in countless macros and formats since it's inception in the 2010s. The pronunciation "/ˈdoʊdʒ/ DOHJ" goes even further back, originating from an episode in Homestar runner with the spelling "D-o-g-e" in 2005. Combined with a long string of evolving internet "Brainrot" speak and with the power that Adorable pictures of animals tend to have on the world wide web, "Kabosu" the Shiba inu (柴犬) whose photoshoot started it all would end up being famous and beloved as "Doge". Interestingly enough, the very same year Homestar Runner would feature the spelling "Doge", Kabosu herself was born.


The original image in all of its tiny resolution glory.

From there things only went upward. The hilarious use of comic sans and more image macros of other Shiba Inu's only spread Doge's influence like wildfire in the 2010s and unlike many of it's contemporaries seemed to be a meme that could adapt and survive through practically any mass extinction. Notably, one of the first famous offshoot cryptocurrencies, DogeCoin, would start snowballing influence and even being shilled by none other than Elon Musk on occasion. 

Our very own doge meme from the very early era of our store we used as an advert.

Kabosu was a rescue from a puppy mill in Japan that shut down - being adopted by her owner Atsuko Sato after being moved to a shelter. "Kabosu" comes from the name of a citrus fruit and was given that name by someone in the shelter for her round face.  The fateful photoshoot would happen in 2010, and the rest is history... Kabosu was sadly diagnosed with Leukemia in 2022. The dog would push through by seemingly insurmountable odds.  A monument to the original photoshoot was installed in 2023 in her hometown. She would continue to live far past what everyone had expected, until sadly passing away on May 24th 2024. 

Anyone on the internet from 2010 to 2024 would have an extremely hard time avoiding seeing the iconic picture of Kabosu remixed to a hilarious degree - Kabosu was without a doubt one of the pillars of internet culture during its prime, and for that, we figured that she's more than earned a tribute here on KommandoStore.

RIP Doge - such memes. very culture. wow.


  • High quality full color print
  • American Apparel 1301 blank
  • Printed in the USA
  • All sales contribute proceeds to the Humane Society of the United States.


Our tees are built on the American Apparel 1301 for their durability, comfort, and timeless fit. Please see the Sizing Chart page for more information. 

Although the shirts are technically unisex, the Tee is cut for a male wearer and may appear baggy and long on women. The shirt will shrink slightly during the first wash. After this it should fit true to size.


Our tees are printed using high quality industry-leading equipment in the USA. 

The American Apparel 1301 is constructed of 100% cotton, with slightly heavier-than-average fabric weight for durability and comfort.


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