SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame
SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame
SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame
SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame
SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame

SADF Pattern 83 Field Pack, "Grootsak" Metal Frame

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Whether you’re a hardcore LARPist or an avid outdoorsman with an eye for economy, you’re likely familiar with surplus SADF kit. The legendary SADF P83 rucksack, or 'Grootsak', is famous for its durability, capacity, and swarthy good looks. The Grootsak has been a KommandoStore favorite for years, and today we’re bringing in an upgrade–a selection of original SADF P83 Grootsak frames.

The Grootsak (“big bag” in Afrikaans), certainly lives up to its name. It is technically a Bergen Rucksack, an alpine-style bag popularized by the British SAS. If a mountain bag seems far from home in desert warfare, well you'd be right. During the Border Wars the SADF had a habit of judging equipment by usefulness. Not by how pretty it looked, not where it came from, or who used it. If it was effective the SADF would take it---from Chicom rigs, which inspired the P83 chest rig, to all kinds of Mad Max style technicals and mine resistant vehicles.

The Grootsak fits neatly into this practical mindset, a large comfortable bag suitable for long range patrols---but equally fast into action. Notably, it is the first bag of it's kind designed specifically to be worn with a chest rig. 

While the Pattern 83 Battle Jacket was intended for those brief, high-speed, hide and seek operations, the Pattern 83 Rucksack/Chest Rig combo specializes in long-term patrols, sometimes lasting multiple weeks. The spacious bag allows the soldier to carry 8 Liters of water along with a full complement of food, ammunition and equipment. In practical use, the SADF often hiked in their own mortars... 

The grootsak frame was initially designed for paratroopers, increasing the rigidity and weight capacity of the pack to endure the strain of airborne operations. Framed packs offer you improved weight distribution and support, more efficiently spreading the load on your hips and shoulders. The added stability of the frame prevents weight from shifting as you move, giving you an edge on challenging terrain and enhancing your balance. The rigid structure eases loading and unloading the pack, preventing floppy fabric bunching up or sagging while you arrange your equipment. 

Attaching and adjusting the frame to the Grootsak is quick, innovative, and easy–just fasten the Grootsak waist belt and shoulder straps to the frame, and hit the trail. Adjusting the frame belt and straps is just as simple with sturdy nylon straps, quick release buckles, and an easily adjustable metal waist belt clasp. Whether you’re looking to Border War LARPmaxx, hike the Appalachians, or up your ‘tism with an alt-universe Afrikaner Ghostbusters Proton Pack build, this Grootsak frame is just what you need.

While all Grootsaks were originally issued with a metal frame designed to aid paratroopers, many soldiers removed it to lighten the pack and improve comfort. This field modification became so popular that most packs were stripped in the field, and eventually bags were issued without the frame to all but airborne soldiers.


  • Genuine SADF Issue
  • Durable Nutria Brown nylon
  • Features built in shoulder harness & hip belt
  • Oversized tubular frame handles tremendous loads with ease and allows for expansion & contraction of the Grootsak
  • Cross-frame nylon webbing aids in comfort & ergonomics when worn
  • Easy to attach to the main bag with two large loops and clips located on the grootsak.
  • Can be used as a frame pack base for countless other packs
  • Designed for simultaneous wear with the P83 Chest Rig and (occasionally) P83 Battle Jacket 



    Featured here we have the original SADF field manual containing adjustment, handling and maintenance information on all P83 equipment. This can be viewed here. Field Pack usage information can be found on pages A5, A18-A22, and A47-A52.


    Frames are in generally Great condition. All hardware is intact and functional, and there are no rips, tears, holes, or cuts. May show signs of use or discoloration on fabric.

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