Sopakco Reduced Sodium MRE Case Packs
Sopakco Reduced Sodium MRE Case Packs
Sopakco Reduced Sodium MRE Case Packs

Sopakco Reduced Sodium MRE Case Packs

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This page has MREs as cases, meaning you will get at least one of each flavor when you order a pack. If you wish to get individual meals, see the other product page here

Sopakco is one of the three companies that makes MREs and formerly other rations for the U.S. military. As the largest supplier of rations in the United States, they've been keeping countless servicemen fed on the front lines since 1943. Their sure-pak meals have been the longest-available civilian MRE on the market.


The components of each MRE are similar to that of the military issued MREs: a flameless ration heater (just like the military issued kind), an entrée, a dessert, crackers + spread, and the infamously venerable MRE spoon, condiments, and napkins.


There are six different menus in the reduced-sodium MREs, all of which contain the following items outside of the main courses: A Pop-tart pastry, crackers, Strawberry or Apple jelly, and tootsie rolls.

The main courses consist of:

  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Beef ravioli in meat and textured soy protein sauce
  • Chili-mac macaroni and beef in sauce
  • Cheese tortellini in tomato sauce
  • Penne with vegetable sausage crumbles in spicy tomato sauce
  • Spaghetti with meat and textured soy flour sauce

Flameless Ration Heater

The water-activated ration heater is a trademark of the MRE. Sure, you can eat the MRE cold if you're a masochist but everyone knows it's way better heated up.

Simply cut open the top of the flameless ration heater sleeve, place the MRE food portion inside the bag next to the heater, add plain water to the fill line, fold the open end of the bag, and prop it up on the beloved "ROCK OR SOMETHING"

Tips for using the FRH

You can follow Spoakco's guide here if you're uninitiated to Zesto-Therm's black magic, and have a warm meal without a fire in about 12 minutes.

Keep the activated heater away from any flame sources, and be very careful around the bag as the liquids will be VERY hot along with the bag. Do not reuse the water remaining in the bag.

To maximize heat output, always keep the heater underneath the MRE, the bag folded over the top of the MRE, and incline the carton with the folded end of the bag up.

If your MRE is frozen, use two heaters - one to thaw, one to heat. add water to the bag before adding the MRE and when the heater begins to feel warm, add the MRE. Follow previous steps to maximize heat efficiency.

  • 650-1060 calories per meal
  • Can be eaten hot or cold
  • Includes flameless ration heater
  • Each meal Includes MRE spoon


MREs do not have a set expiration date, but they do have an inspection date and a pack date. Typically, inspection falls 3 years after pack date and is when MREs are carefully inspected for any problems and cleared to be fit for consumption. Manufacturers normally suggest MREs are good for approximately 5 or more years when stored at or below room temperature. Always store your MREs in a climate controlled environment for best results.

Additionally, we have hand inspected every MRE that comes into the warehouse to ensure no contents inside burst or were otherwise damaged in the shipping process, and we encourage you to do the same when you receive them.

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