USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants
USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants

USMC FROG Desert MARPAT Combat Pants

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Size Chart

Getting Your Size

The US military has one all-encompassing size chart much like European nations, except because we're Americans and we can't do math due to our crippled public education system we use words instead of numbers to describe size.

Every garment is different, so for example when you order a "Medium Regular" jacket that's meant to be an outer layer, its physical measurements may seem larger than what you're used to - this is usually because the sizing is adjusted for it to be worn as a layer on top of other clothing or even body armor. However, if you stick to your size, everything should fit as originally designed. 

Too long? Go down a length. Too Big? Go down a size. etc. 

Grab a tailor's tape, or simply use a string and mark it to measure around your chest with your arms down for best results. Additionally you'll need to know your overall height in feet and inches like the imperium intended, and your waist size in inches.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to open a live chat with us or send us an email and we'll get you fitted up.


Chest Fit

Size Name Chest Circumference 
 Extra Small up to 33"
Small 33-37"
Medium 37-41"
Large 41-45"
Extra Large 45-49"
XXL 49-53"


Shirt Length*

Size Name Length From Collar To Hem User Height
 Extra Short 25" 5'3"-5'6"
Short 27" 5'6"-5'8"
Regular 29"


Long 31" 6'0-6'2"
Extra Long 33" 6'3 +

 *garment length may vary if it's meant to be tucked in/layered. Stick with your typical shirt chest size and user height.


Waist Size

Size Name Waist Circumference
 Extra Small 23-27"
Small 27-31"
Medium 31-35"
Large 35-39"
Extra Large 39-43"
XXL 43-47"


Pant Length (Inseam)

Size Name Length From Crotch to Floor User Height
Short 26.5-29.5" 5'6"-5'8"
Regular 29.5-32.5"


Long 32.5-35.5" 6'0-6'2"


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Waist Size

MARPAT may be one of the most interesting stories in the rather special history of the United States Marine Corps. Developed out of a field of potential camouflage applicants that included both tiger stripe and brush stroke (yes that brush stroke). MARPAT was the CADPAT inspired camouflage that took the USMC into the digital age. At least as far as their camouflage goes. And as an added bonus this MARPAT is also a little froggy. 

'FROG' in this case means Flame resistant organizational gear. During OIF/OEF, a lot of military garments ended up switching over to FR materials due to their wider availability and ease of integrating into combat uniforms. At first, there were layers that went underneath pre-existing combat uniforms, like masks, gloves, and undies. Eventually, it just made sense to make everything FR. And since the marines are special (interpret that how you want), they got a few special layering garments as well.

These Desert MARPAT Combat pants are the best combination of a sexy and effective camouflage with the bonus of being flame resistant. Its features include a sewn in stretch elastic waist and buttonable elastic openings in the thigh pocket. Its two hand pockets, two rear pockets and two ankle pockets round out its load carrying ability. 


  • 35% FR Rayon/25% Para Aramid/ 10% Nylon
  • Desert MARPAT
  • Button Fly
  • Stretch Elastic waist
  • 2 Buttonable Elastic thigh pockets
  • 2 Buttonable ankle pockets
  • 2 Buttonable Rear Pockets
  • 2 hand pockets


FROG Pants are in good condition, with no tears, holes, or cuts. May have minor discoloration from use.

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