USMC MARPAT Woobie Poncho Liner

USMC MARPAT Woobie Poncho Liner

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Woobie  /w-ʊbi/
(Plural: Woobies)

  1. (US, Childish) Any object, typically a blanket, garment, or stuffed animal, that is used simply for its comforting characteristics; a security blanket.
  2. (US, Military Slang) A Poncho liner

Although it's origins are somewhat hazy, around 1962 special forces in Vietnam got the first taste of what might be the comfiest piece of standard issue army equipment that would transcend far beyond it's original intended use. Made to be a liner for a wet weather poncho, the 'woobie' was the spiritual successor to the USGI wool blanket, as it fell completely flat in the horrifically humid jungles of Vietnam.

Even when sopping wet, the 3-ply quilted nylon blanket expertly traps body heat when you need it the most — and since it's quick to dry it probably won't stay wet for long anyways. Ask any soldier who's been issued one - its one of the better standard issue pieces of equipment the army hands out to this day. Many have even gone great lengths to keep theirs after deployment, and have tailored them into all sorts of different jackets to envelop themselves in it's warm embrace once again.

Use it as a wrap-around sleeping bag, a compliment to your bivy, a hammock blanket, you name it—when you want to be warm and comfy, you pull out the Woobie.


Care guide

Keep your woobie away from smoke and fires, the tag even warns you not to smoke anywhere near this thing, so they're probably not joking around. When laundering is necessary, use lukewarm water and a mild soap to clean.



  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Nylon Shell
  • 100% Polyester batting
  • Comes in The best woodland camo made since the early 80s
  • Has an absurd amount of uses. Seriously.
  • Keeps heat in even when wet
  • Will cause dangerous levels of comfy-ness




  • Woobies are in excellent condition with no stains, blems, tears, rips, or holes. MARPAT pattern remains vibrant across most of the liner.


  • Woobies have minor to no stains, blems, tears, rips, or holes. MARPAT pattern may appear faded, but remains visible.

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