XGO Heavyweight Fleece FR Undershirt "Phase 4"
XGO Heavyweight Fleece FR Undershirt "Phase 4"
XGO Heavyweight Fleece FR Undershirt "Phase 4"
XGO Heavyweight Fleece FR Undershirt "Phase 4"

XGO Heavyweight Fleece FR Undershirt "Phase 4"

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You should always have a FR garment on you if you're working with industrial machinery or spend a lot of time around firearms. A lot of commercial options are overpriced, uncomfortable for long periods of time, and lose their FR properties in the wash. Luckily, the US military industrial complex provides, and bang-for buck much of the FR clothing they make is an easy investment.

Enter the comfiest piece of safety equipment you'll ever own: the XGO heavyweight fleece undershirt. An expert at moisture wicking, breathability, flexibility, quick drying, and no chafing. It's the shirt you'd want to have on when you can't change it out for the next couple days. 

The US Military even went so far as to set standards for moisture wicking capability, which this shirt passes with flying colors: wicks moisture 3" in 3 minutes, and 90% of the wicking properties are retained after 50 washes. 

Why FR?

expectations might be set a little bit high here sometimes - it's not going to provide a force field against an inferno, but it will harmlessly smolder away and protect the surface beneath it, without melting or dripping. This means both fire and hot objects like suppressors or muzzles aren't going to work their way to your skin giving you nasty burns. An insurance policy at the least, and a skin-saver at it's best.

  • Made in the USA by XGO
  • 75% FR Modacrylic, 25% Rayon
  • Anti-microbial moisture wicking properties
  • Moisture wicking lasts hundreds of washes
  • Stretchy & Breathable
  • Relaxed fit
  • Anti-chafe seams & stitching


These shirts typically have a more relaxed fit in order to be layered over/under other garments. Stick with your US tee shirt size for best results.


All Fleece shirts come brand new, unissued, in their original packaging. 

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