Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava
Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava

Eighty Four FR Combat Balaclava

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  • Made In The USA With US Materials

Here's how to keep your FR Balaclava as fresh as the day you got it and retain color fastness:

Always machine wash on "low", "gentle" or "delicate" setting and line dry in the shade.

Never wash with dark colors or use strong detergents. Do not Iron, dry clean, or use fabric softener (Fabric softener can harm the FR Properties of the balaclava). To retain low NIR reflectivity, do not use detergents with optical brighteners.

For more information on FR gear care, see the fabric OEM's article on the subject

Due to the elastane content of the balaclava, it's normal for it to stretch over use and to slightly shrink in the wash. It may require it to be re-broken in but it will retain its shape for years to come. 

This is a pre-sale product. Please see the estimated delivery date on this product page for the most accurate lead time.

Easily the most comfortable and versatile one-hole on the market, this design became famous for appearing on Obi Wan Nairobi himself and being persona defining for Administrative Results on YouTube, but why is it so good? Apparently, a certain company from Canada didn't know because you're not allowed to buy it anymore.

Civilians have long been upset with LEO/MIL Restricted product constraints, but where high powered infrared lasers for the layman at least has some reasoning behind it due to their inherent danger, How the heck can you justify restricting a piece of clothing?

This FR Balaclava with it's familiar looking design is the result of us being upset with the new state of military contract manufacturers giving the middle finger to us civilians. We threw down the gauntlet, sourced the same materials, and made our own. 

Don't Fix The Materials That Aren't Broken

The body fabric is the most breathable Flame Retardant material on the market we're aware of. It's the exact same stuff as the original, made in the USA. No reason to switch. There's a difference between chemical treatments for FR and being inherently FR - as you can guess the latter is far better at doing it's job. Being inherently FR means it's excellent at self-extinguishing under high heat and even direct contact with flames - important for any firearms enthusiast dealing with hot suppressors and stray casings.


Our test with a butane flame applied to the fabric barely made a mark. Not Scientific at all, but a demonstration of how the fabric behaves under high heat.

Inherently FR fabric can get expensive But every penny spent is worth it here. It's extremely comfortable in any weather condition, quick drying, low bulk, and it doesn't itch if you have sensitive skin or a big 'ol beard.

But as a disclaimer, stay safe when dealing with anything that gives off sparks, open flames, or radiates a large amount of heat. While the FR Fabric is the same as the original and could theoretically be a last line of defense, we did not submit the balaclava for rigorous testing and certification.

Making It Fit Better

But one of our main complaints about the original, which you can even see on the famous pics of Mr. Craighead are the sometimes floppy fit. We dialed in the shape of the neck drape for easy owl-headed movements and the facepiece is much better at actually hanging out on your face. It's still super comfortable and snag free under helmets and ear protection too!

But don't be alarmed by "One Size Fits Most" - We really mean most. We've done some "independent testing" on the largest and smallest heads we could find in the warehouse and couldn't find someone it fit poorly on. Big-Brained Chads or Compact Kings, there's no need to worry.

Ways to wear 

Unlike traditional balaclavas, the hood-and-facepiece design allows this one to be worn in a few different ways. You can either go full-ninja with the eye slot, pull down the facepiece to still cover your head and ears, wear the facepiece with the top-hood scrunched down in back, or even go "gaiter" mode with it just covering your neck.


  • Berry Compliant — made in the USA with US-made materials
  • Inherently Flame-Retardant Tencate Defender M™️ Fabric
  • Improved Fit & Cut over original
  • Tan 499 Colorway
  • Quick Drying
  • Low Bulk - fits in your pocket!
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 61% Viscose, 24% Aramid, 11% Nylon, 4% Elastane

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