MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask
MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask
MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask
MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask

MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask

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MSA is without a doubt an industry leader — they've been making some of the best respirators, gas masks, and other safety equipment for 100 years.

The "Advantage 1000" is a part of their professional use full-face respirator lineup that actually improved on it's earlier military cousin, the MCU-2/P. Made with soft Hycar nitrile rubber, it's construction is far superior to the grey silicone MCU-2/P. If you're familiar with the MSA Millennium we've sold in the past, these are the more civilian/law enforcement oriented models.

You might be saying, "Ivan, this looks exactly like a Millennium" but there's a few differences. The Millennium was the result of the Seattle police department highly preferring the advantage 1000's upgrades during the WTO conference protest dubbed "the battle of Seattle" in 1999. MSA took the advantage and added more militarized features such as a drinking tube and the ability to accept NATO STANAG 40mm filters. The advantage takes bayonet filters, not NATO 40mm. Adapters do exist, but we'll leave it up to you to judge their performance and seal.


  • Hycar Rubber® face piece
  • Distortion-free coated lens 
  • Designed for law enforcement and public safety officials 
  • six-point rubber harness 
  • Speaking diaphragm (compatible with MSA’s ESP II Communications System and MSA ESP II Voice Amplifier)
  • Flexible, one-piece polyurethane protective lens
  • Nosecup for fog prevention
  • Canister Bayonet style inlet ports on left or right side enables operation of a weapon from either side
  • Compatible with MSA Advantage series filters
  • NIOSH approval for effectiveness against chloroacetophenone (CN), chlorobenzylidene (CS), and oleoresin capsicum (OC) tear gas
  • Exceeds all CBRN permeation requirements



Gas masks are in excellent condition, with minor to no wear. Our batch seems to have been in storage since they were produced in the mid 2000's. Photos are representative of the minimal to zero UV damage the lenses have, as they are known to get damaged when left out.


Care & Instructions

For basic care instructions, refer to our gas mask care guide. For longevity of the gas masks' lens, store the mask in a place away from sunlight or other sources of UV to ensure it doesn't fade. For any additional instructions, you can read the official manual Here

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