Russian GP-21/MP-3 Gas Mask
Russian GP-21/MP-3 Gas Mask
Russian GP-21/MP-3 Gas Mask

Russian GP-21/MP-3 Gas Mask

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To clean your Gas mask:

Gather a rag, bucket, soapy water, cotton balls, and the mask in a clean space. For soap, we highly recommend something ammonia based like Windex or generic glass cleaner. Do not use alcohol, as it dries out rubber.

  1. First remove any filters attached. You don’t clean filters, you replace them.
  2. Soak your rag in the soapy water and wipe off the large parts of the mask. Rub away dirt, grime, particles and anything else that shouldn’t be there.
  3. Next soak the cotton balls in the soapy water and rub the inside of the glass, around the nose piece and anywhere your mouth sets on the rubber. Make sure to get behind the folded edges and everywhere else. Wipe off the buckles and straps too. Leave your gas mask in a cool place out of the sun to dry and you are all set to head back into the zone, the job-site, or whatever unsavory airspace you happen to find yourself in.

Russia has a history of copying our homework. Whether it's familiar looking space shuttles, the Tupolev TU-4 being 7/8s of a B-29, or cloning the MSA Millennium gasmask, you can count on Russia to come out with cheaper versions of our equipment.

Affordable, effective, and much improved from the nightmarish GP-5 mesothelioma machines, these masks offer you 80% panoramic vision, an anti-fog mask, and protection from hazardous chemicals, particulates, and toxic materials. 


  • 80% field of view
  • Anti-fogging nose-cup 
  • Ambidextrous side-mounted filter
  • More hipster/tism points than comparable MSA Millennium


  • Each Mask includes x2 Modern (asbestos-free) 40mm GOST filters. STANAG 4155 filters don't screw on properly.


Care instructions

For basic cleaning instructions, please see our Gas Mask care guide.


These masks use the Soviet gas mask sizing system, which we've translated into US sizing (roughly). 

While all sizes can fit, the proper size is the one that seals to your face and doesn't squeeze your skin too hard. A size small might fit but that doesn't mean it covers the vital parts or contours of your face to create a proper and safe seal. Size medium or large seems to be the catch all with small and extra large being extremes. Gas mask sizing is tricky. The size that fits is "the size that fits."

Don’t be afraid to size down in order to ensure an airtight seal and fit, or for fun...


Your gas mask will be in unissued condition, with only minor wear from storage at most. These have been in storage for awhile, so please, please give your mask a quick wash and scrub before donning. (Read that gas mask care guide above)


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